ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Business owners trying to sell their business are often intimidated by high commission rates. A free seminar that focuses on strategies for selling a business will be hosted by T7 Inc. Mergers and Acquisitions on Friday, March 9th at 1:00 p.m.; it will take place in the Albuquerque metro area and is open to all business owners regardless of industry, size, or location.

Tom Hertig, a veteran business sale professional and President of T7 Inc. Mergers and Acquisitions of Scottsdale, AZ, will introduce to business owners a new strategy that is being heralded across the country as a far superior method of engaging a business broker or business sale consultant for the purpose of selling a business. He will be presenting the “Sell Your Business Smarter” seminar: a no-charge program geared towards all business owners.

“Many business owners are not aware that business brokerage rates are in the 10 percent range,” Hertig said. “That is a giant commission structure that often makes business owners balk. But, they ultimately will pay the price because they need to sell the business.”

In an effort to assist these business owners, Hertig is spearheading an effort to move away from the commission structure that most business brokers currently use. He is encouraging brokers to move towards a fee-for-service format that essentially offers business owners a number of key benefits.

By engaging a professional on a fee-for-service basis, the broker can provide a “menu type” offering of select services, effectively giving the seller more control of and choices for how the business is prepared for sale and positioned in the market.

“Using this approach,” Hertig explained, “can save business owners literally tens of thousands of dollars and provide them with far better service. It also allows the broker to work exclusively with the business owner on a fee-for-service basis and reduces their workload, but not their amount of business – it’s a win-win situation.”

The hour long, free seminar will not only provide an introduction to the process, but will also review the steps involved in preparing a business for sale as well as the representation process for the actual sale.

Hertig explains that critical mistakes can be avoided if all parties involved are familiar with and adept at business valuation, confidentiality issues and systems, the sale preparation process, the mechanics of selling, and legal issues and considerations; all of these topics will be covered during the presentation.

Following the presentation, Hertig will be available for questions and answers. For more information about the program, for directions to the seminar, or to schedule an interview with Hertig, call 480-888-6420, or email:

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