STILLWATER, Okla. — HostBridge Technology, the provider of HostBridge software for XML-enabling CICS, today announced that CA has certified the HostBridge integration software as interoperable with CA IDMS. With this integration, CA IDMS and CA ADS online applications can become callable Web services that can be accessed by multiple platforms, application servers, or other host applications.

HostBridge runs under CICS on the mainframe and allows Web server applications to invoke CA ADS and CA IDMS online transactions using standard interfaces, returning application data as XML documents and enabling Web services access to business logic in a service-oriented architecture (SOA). CA ADS is a powerful mainframe development environment that expedites the writing and testing of modular online applications that access CA IDMS/DB data.

“Many organizations have business-critical mainframe applications that are based on CA IDMS and CA ADS,” said Nancy Newfield, vice president of product marketing at CA. “HostBridge offers an effective way for these organizations to extend such applications across and beyond the enterprises via SOA – without requiring them to make any changes to existing code.”

HostBridgeHostBridge has received the ca smart seal of excellence, which is awarded to products that integrate seamlessly with CA solutions, enabling customers to exploit best-in-class enterprise technologies while minimizing cost, time-to-benefit and risk. HostBridge is already certified with other CA application environments, including CA Ideal, CA Telon, and CA Gener/OL.

“Support for CA ADS for CA IDMS is an important milestone for HostBridge,” said Russ Teubner, CEO of HostBridge Technology. “Many of the world’s largest organizations have enormous investments in CA IDMS, and we are pleased to enable that critical business logic to be easily accessible via industry-standard protocols.”

About HostBridge Technology
HostBridge Technology provides software for IBM System z customers with an ongoing investment in CICS applications. Using the HostBridge U.S. Patented software, any middle-tier application can securely invoke CICS transactions and receive their output as an XML document. By providing real-time XML access, along with high-performance process automation, HostBridge allows enterprises to take a quantum leap forward in integrating CICS applications into other business processes or offering CICS applications as Web Services.

HostBridge customers include Delta Dental, Navy Federal Credit Union, New York City Department of Education, Experian, Farm Credit Services, Konica Business Technologies, Lockheed Martin, Main Street America Group, and others.

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