MONTREAL, Quebec — Donini, Inc. (OTC:DNNC /, announced today that the Company has outlined an aggressive five (5) year expansion plan aimed at maximizing revenues and profits. The plan includes the development of approximately fifty (50) new food outlets in addition to the ten (10) existing outlets over a five year period. Mr. Deros, President and CEO, emphasized that this expansion plan is realistic in large part due to the Company’s restructuring of its debt and the closing of all unprofitable units.

The initial core growth will be focused on the greater Montreal area as well as several master franchise relationships in the United States. Each new establishment will include the fresh and modern Pizza Donini look that has been designed to meet present and future customer tastes, while maximizing efficiency and profits for both the franchise owner-operators and the Company.

“We have also performed a thorough review of our most popular and profitable menu items which makes me especially excited about the plan and the Company’s future,” said Mr. Deros. Further stating, “I am confident that with Donini’s excellent line of pizza products, and its new look, Pizza Donini will be favored by consumers in the marketplace over competitors, large and small.”

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About Donini, Inc.

Donini, Inc., a New Jersey Corporation was established in 2001 when the company acquired control, by way of a reverse merger, of Pizza Donini, a Canadian company that has been operating and licensing Italian style restaurants specializing in pizza and related products within the Greater Montreal Area in province of Quebec for over 20 years.

The Company has recently completed a consolidation of its operations by establishing two Subsidiaries, Donini Group Inc. and Pizzacorp DTC Franchises Inc., whose purposes are, respectively, to hold and control the intellectual property of the Company and to license the trademarks and oversee the licensed franchisees of the marks. The Company plans to expand its operations into the United States and the rest of Canada.

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