DENVER, Colo. — Fetter Logic, Inc., the premier full service provider of advanced data and information management solutions for the financial services industry, today announced the availability of Helio – a comprehensive data aggregation solution with unparalleled data quality. Helio is the first financial services solution that promptly and accurately integrates all forms of data including direct mutual funds, annuities, one or more clearing firms, proprietary firm assets and creates intelligent information for the user.

“Williams Financial Group already relies on Fetter Logic’s applications for commissions, compliance, and direct mutual fund processing. Combining these solutions provides tremendous efficiencies for my firm,” said Wilson H. Williams, President of Williams Financial Group. “This platform allows clients to take full advantage of a single solution that can meet complex regulatory requirements, operational and management needs, and the growing demand for broker-level reporting and productivity tools.”

Through Helio’s data integration:

* Brokers can display full customer positions and portfolios, providing better asset management and improved customer contact.

* Compliance and Commissions departments can perform their job functions on all transactions at once. Helio reduces processing costs and compliance-related risk for broker-dealers.

* The Helio platform provides management with full picture reporting. Management can efficiently and effectively analyze information to develop sales trends and intelligent information from multiple data bases.

“Data comes from many sources including mutual funds, clearing firms, annuity carriers, and in-house applications,” said David Fetter, CEO of Fetter Logic. “We can integrate any data source and provide flexible and useful output for our clients. We deliver a comprehensive, scalable solution with unparalleled data quality.”

Helio’s scalable solution makes it easier to integrate, scale, manage and control complex data that comes from multiple sources. Helio’s functionality includes:

* FundLogic Networking. Using proprietary technology, FundLogic Networking can help clients gain complete control over their direct mutual fund business. The data integration provides users with “Books and Records” quality data. Users can locate direct mutual fund assets, correct data errors and outsource their direct mutual fund commission processing.

* Broker Front End. Through the Broker Front End, users can consolidate and identify entire client portfolios, access client addresses and identify related client accounts. This tool frees the Broker up to focus more on acquiring clients, retaining clients and building new relationships.

* Ad Hoc Reporting Tool. The Ad Hoc Reporting Tool helps brokers quickly and easily evaluate their book of business, and allows managers to view a firm’s information through flexible selection criteria. Multiple departments can use this tool to meet regulatory, management and sales needs.

* Compliance. With a focus on providing compliance across all mutual fund assets, Helio facilitates adherence to regulatory requirements for compliance with SEC Rule 17a-3(a) (17), transaction and account surveillance, breakpoint calculations, compliance reporting and suitability review.

* Gross Revenue Reporting. The Gross Revenue Reporting Tool consolidates trade and commission reporting from all sources, providing a firm-level view of production, representative and branch daily reports. The tool allows managers to quickly extract in-depth information and develop critical insights by generating detailed, customized reports.

Helio continues Fetter Logic’s heritage of delivering the best data and information management solutions for the financial services industry, says Fetter. “Helio’s capability combines unmatched ease-of-use, extensive configuration capabilities, and support.”

For more information or a demonstration contact Bill Brakemeier, VP of Sales, 303-675-1071.

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