“The Laundry Room” talk show, of YouTube fame, gears up for its hour-long 2006 Year End Special featuring a viewer-initiated question and answer session with a panel of 2007 Flint Michigan mayoral candidates, council members, and other prominent guests.

FLINT, Mich. —, Flint, Michigan’s growing public discussion forum, announces the 2006 “Laundry Room Year-End Special” hosted by “Larry & John.” The show will be directed by Shawn Chittle of New York-based production company Roscoe Van Zandt Films, and will be assisted by Steve Myers, a producer at The Laundry Room and founder of The show will open with folk singer Jud Caswell from Brunswick, Maine and will feature an entertaining, packed show with skits, street interviews, interviews with political figures, local activists and talk radio personalities.

The highlight of the year-end show will be exclusive interviews with emerging 2007 Flint mayoral candidates, some of which are making their debut appearances in major media.

The show is scheduled for taping in late December at The Lunch Studio, a downtown Flint cafe and meeting place. The show will air on YouTube and released on limited edition DVD.

“Larry” Crucetti, a truck driver, and “John” Wilson, a professional student at Michigan State University, found themselves natural talk show hosts and facilitators. Larry provides on-the-spot direction and structure, including his brazen, from-the-hip opinions, while John provides perspective from the college educated demographic and takes a more analytical approach. The show is produced by Steve Myers.

The Laundry Room is an emerging force in the widespread social phenomenon of personal and political expression, as told in Time Magazine’s cover story, “Person of the Year: You.” Larry says, “If more people go ahead and do something like [a YouTube show], just think of the conversations that could be had.”

One of the angles of the show is holding public officials accountable and reports on breaking events in the Flint Michigan political landscape as they unfold. The Laundry Room acts as a watchdog for political corruption and abuse of power and is the ultimate display of voter empowerment. Larry and John have dubbed themselves “equal opportunity voters” and they encourage concerned citizens to get involved and voice their opinions on their Hotline at (810) 471-4252, which is open 24 hours a day.

The Laundry Room will be the first to interview Flint mayoral candidates Dale Weighill, Norman Bryant, and Adam Ford. Flint council Members Sandy Hill and Ehren Gonzales are scheduled to appear as is Ryan Eashoo, Chairman of the Flint Historic District Commission, who met with resistance when he attempted to enter Michael Moore into his high school’s Hall of Fame. The entire affair was covered nationally. In the end the school chose to close the Hall of Fame rather than admit Mr. Moore. Other notable guests included radio host John Roman from Supertalk 1570’s “Roman on the Radio”, Flint attorney Terry Bankert, and former Flint District Attorney Robert Leonard.

About The Laundry Room:
The Laundry Room, produced by Steve Myers, is the only recurring web-based talk show in the Flint area. In its brief two-month history, The Laundry Room has broadcast a total 151 shows, each averaging 10-20 minutes. The shows have logged over 10,000 views on Fans from all over the world call into the show from places like Australia, and coast to coast representation from New York City and Los Angeles. Larry and John are Citizen Journalists for and were recently interviewed on the 1570 AM SuperTalk “Roman on the Radio.”

The show is named after the room where its concept was born – in the laundry room of Larry Crucetti’s East Side Flint, Michigan home. It was there that Larry discovered YouTube and was inspired to propose the use of an Internet video forum as a tool of accountability for all public employees. As a step in that direction, he resolved to provide a venue for dialog that can affect positive change in society.

About FlintTalk:
Flint Michigan native Steve Myers created after seeing an urgent need for a web-based forum for citizens of the Flint community to voice their political opinions and views.

About Roscoe Van Zandt Films:
Shawn G. Chittle is a Flint Michigan native and Executive Producer at Rosce Van Zandt Films in New York City. He is currently producing several documentaries and dramatic short films in various stages of development, many of which revolve around Flint as it faces its new, post-General Motors reality in the 21st Century.

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