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NEW YORK, N.Y. — Innovation Framework Technologies (IFT) announced today that its New Product Development and Portfolio Management software solution has been officially certified by Stage-Gate Inc, a recognized market leader in product innovation methods and best practices.

According to recent surveys, over 75% of American companies use some form of stage-gate process to support their innovation efforts. Best performing companies have also combined it with idea management and portfolio optimization to achieve excellence in new product development.

IFT now offers a best-in-class, integrated solution for companies willing to enhance the performance of their NPD processes in Idea Management, Idea-to-Launch, Portfolio Management, Resource Management and Project Management. For companies looking at improving their NPD processes, this certification greatly minimizes the risk and cost associated with selecting the right software solution.

“Companies using any form of Stage-Gate(R) for their NPD process can now choose a single software solution with best-in-class functionality that can scale and adapt to their specific needs; supporting one to many business units,” stated Patrick Ternier, CEO of Innovation Framework Technologies and former CEO of Artemis International Solutions Corporation. “Our solution has gone through major enhancements to satisfy a comprehensive evaluation by Stage Gate Inc. on some 200 innovation-related criteria. For our customers, this translates into substantial savings on their overall implementation effort and costs, as our solution has been built specifically to satisfy NPD needs, without requiring costly customization activities or user training.”

IFT’s solution is now the only one available that delivers Stage-Gate certified functionality in a single application with best-in-class NPD capabilities, from strategic analytics through to time tracking, which does not require third party products like Microsoft Project or Excel to support project management processes, reporting or analytics.

“I strongly recommend all would-be buyers to ask specifically for Stage-Gate(R) Ready software, even if your company does not deploy a traditional Stage-Gate process,” says Dr. Robert G. Cooper, Stage-Gate’s inventor. “We want to help organizations take advantage of innovation productivity tools that can help advance business performance. We believe that if we reduce risks associated with these decisions, it is a win-win for everyone.”

Built specifically for companies who rely on new product success to generate growth and profitability, the IFT solution provides the Business Application layer of the New Product Development process, complementing the Operational Application layer that PLM vendors offer.

The IFT solution is fully web-based and uses a single, centralized, database, allowing authorized users anywhere with internet connectivity to securely access all permitted functionality, data and reports. The application is role-based, easy to use and configure, and can be installed and up-and running for your business in less than 30 days.

About Innovation Framework Technologies
Innovation Framework Technologies helps companies achieve profitable growth through innovation led revenue increase by providing leading edge solutions focused on the improvement of key innovation and new product management practices: idea generation and management, product portfolio management, resource management, stage-gate based NPD governance, product and technology road-mapping and project management.

The IFT solution embeds software used by multiple companies world-wide to annually invest over $40 billion in R&D and is used in a range of industries like high-tech, consumer goods, automotive, energy, industrial products and life sciences. With headquarters in New York and Paris, IFT operates throughout North America and Europe.

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