SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — As promised at the NBAA 2006 Orlando Florida convention, Jet Repair Anywhere has commenced the scheduling of On-site Audits for FAA Repair Stations and maintenance facilities. Subscribers to Jet Repair Anywhere can view both the paper audit and the On-site Audit documents via Jet Repair Anywhere’s web site.

Currently Jet Repair Anywhere aircraft owner and operator subscribers are not charged for this service and Jet Repair Anywhere will be offering subscriptions to attendees of this year’s 18th Annual NBAA Schedulers and Dispatcher Conference in Phoenix, AZ.

Jet Repair Anywhere currently performs “Paper Audits” on its maintenance facility members. Paper Audits verify its member’s claims concerning, maintenance authorizations and Drug Program compliance before posting this data for its subscribers.

“Most of the time an aircraft operator needing away from home maintenance is in the dark when searching for a legitimate facility,” said JRA President, Robert Salvo, “most maintenance facilities do not fall under direct FAA surveillance,” adding “If an aircraft operator insists on using a Jet Repair Anywhere member, he is assured a certain level of compliance.”

The requests for a face-to-face “On-site Audit” came from the maintenance industry itself. The leading maintenance facilities have been battling to educate the public about the risks of gypsy mechanics and shoe-string operations.

Quoting Chris Cullen, Director of Aircraft Maintenance Services for Swift Aviation, “We spend an incredible amount of money each year to purchase testing and support equipment so that we can provide state of the art service to our clients, yet we constantly get requests from our competitors to borrow our equipment because they have made claims about their ability to perform maintenance on aircraft that they are not even tooled up to support.”

Swift Aviation in Phoenix, Arizona and Western Jet in Van Nuys, California have both requested to be on the top of the list for On-site audits scheduled for February of this year.

About Jet Repair Anywhere
Based in Scottsdale, AZ., Jet Repair Anywhere is a provider of a comprehensive Internet based maintenance directory and a maintenance auditing company. Jet Repair Anywhere offers 24/7 service to their aircraft owner/operator clients.

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