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NEWS: (SALT LAKE CITY, Utah) Rejuvatek Medical Inc., officially announces the Tatt2Away(R) non laser tattoo removal system is now in the greater Salt Lake City area with Doc Holliday Tattoo’s owner Allen Record. Their Salt Lake City location has come on board to offer to all its clientele certified tattoo removal as the first Tatt2Away Center in the city. Bringing into their high quality of service and products, the all natural system.

“For us at Doc Holliday,” Allen began, “finding and becoming a Tatt2Away Center is two-sided.” His own experience of laser treatments he did to remove an unwanted sleeve tattoo brought it into focus. “I didn’t want others to suffer as I did.”

The Tatt2Away system is revolutionizing tattoo removal right now as the new gold standard of care when someone wants to remove their tattoo. Either completely or partially to make room for better art by disrupting the unwanted tattoo’s pattern for that cover-up you have desired and can now pay to have it done right. Doc Holliday Tattoo in Salt Lake City, Utah can now do it all for you.

Rejuvatek Medical is placing around the nation Tatt2Away systems offering a limited exclusivity to those tattoo studios that see the opportunity first and act on it. For more information, go to or contact Rejuvatek Medical, Inc. at 855-252-2929 or submit a request form from the web site.

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