LOS ANGELES, Calif. — The Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine – Los Angeles (SIRM-LA) is proud to announce the appointment of Dr. Rudy Quintero as an Associate Medical Director of the practice. A graduate of the UCLA School of Medicine, Dr. Quintero completed his residency at Glendale Adventist Hospital and a fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Stanford University Medical Center.

Dr. Quintero is involved in ongoing research in the field of Reproductive Medicine and has received a number of grants and awards for research in this field. His areas of special interest and expertise include In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), fertility preservation in cancer patients, cryopreservation (freezing) methods for eggs and embryos, and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Dr. Quintero will be seeing patients in SIRM’s Glendale and Chino Hills offices as well as traveling to Bakersfield to see patients weekly. He will provide a full range of infertility diagnosis and treatment options including In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intrauterine Insemination, and reproductive surgery.

“We’re thrilled to have Dr. Quintero on board,” said SIRM-LA Medical Director Dr. Brian Acacio. “He is an outstanding physician and patients really love him. I’m confident that his personality and expertise will be a great benefit to our practice.”

Dr. Quintero, who is fully bilingual, will also seek to expand the practice’s outreach to the Latino community – a segment he believes is under-served in Los Angeles. “Given the size of the Latino community in Southern California, there are few Spanish-speaking infertility specialists that also have a deep understanding of this culture,” said Dr. Quintero. “It’s my goal to not only help everyone achieve their dream of starting a family, but to also educate and provide solutions for the Latino community.”

In connection with Dr. Quintero’s hiring, SIRM-LA is in the process of adding a Spanish language discussion board to its web site. Visitors to the site will be able to post their questions in Spanish and have them answered by Dr. Quintero. The SIRM website currently features a highly-utilized English language discussion board hosted by SIRM doctors.

The Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine-Los Angeles is part of one of the nation’s largest networks of privately-owned IVF centers. Central to the SIRM philosophy is the concept of compassionate, personalized infertility care that addresses each patient’s individual situation. SIRM physicians have been influential in the development of numerous breakthroughs in the field of reproductive care. SIRM founder, Dr. Geoffrey Sher, established the country’s first private IVF practice in 1982.

SIRM offices are located in Los Angeles, Orange County, Chino Hills, West Hills and Sacramento, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Dallas, Texas; St. Louis, Missouri; Peoria, Illinois; Bedminster, Monmouth County and Phillipsburg, New Jersey; Manhattan, Long Island and Westchester, New York.

Further information about the Sher Institutes for Reproductive Medicine can be found on the SIRM website at

NEWS SOURCE: The Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine – Los Angeles
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