DALLAS, Texas — Techway Services, Inc. ( announces the availability of EBAN (Enterprise Boot & Nuke) mass hard-drive wiping software for computer recyclers. EBAN was developed for Techway Services by Toronto based software engineer Darik Horn, the developer of the highly popular and effective DBAN (Darik’s Boot & Nuke) data destruction software. EBAN has two very important features for computer recyclers and IT asset management companies.

Network Booting for Simultaneous Multi-drive Wiping
Network Booting means the labor-intensive days of using floppy disks to overwrite hard drives are over. EBAN is designed to run on data destruction appliances- one of which, the X-1000, can be built from commonly available, low-cost components. The X1000 data destruction appliance allows EBAN to load and run the destructive kernel through the LAN port of the target computers.

In this way, the data can be overwritten on dozens of hard-drives simultaneously. This creates a dramatic labor savings. There’s no need to attach keyboards, mice or monitors to each computer. Because of this, data destruction can be completed in a warehouse or staging areas after the units are pulled from service.

Techway ServicesSerialized Reporting
The second major feature is serialized reporting. Because EBAN runs on a data destruction appliance that forms a closed LAN, the software can monitor the status of the overwriting process and create reports. EBAN will automatically record the make, model and serial number of every hard drive successfully overwritten. Further, this information can be linked by the technician to the asset tag of the individual computer.

For any hard-drives that are mechanically flawed, EBAN will report this as well and the hard-drive can be set aside for manual destruction. EBAN reports are exportable in industry standard formats. The ability of EBAN to create automated, accurate reports is not only a time savings, but provides crucial documentation that mitigates future risk and liability for clients.

Site and Enterprise licenses are now available with special volume pricing for computer remarketers and recyclers.

About Techway Services
Techway Services, Inc. is a leader in electronic data destruction software, and a nationally recognized provider of end-of-life (EOL) IT services for corporations, government entities, universities, and channel partners. Techway Services provides a full range of EOL services that include reverse logistics, computer remarketing, computer recycling, and electronic data destruction solutions.

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