FISHKILL, N.Y. — Misk ( announces a new web hosting service that includes powerful technology, unique and innovative features, and an incomparable price point. So, what sets apart from the rest? It is their ability to expertly apply technology and provide services to customers that no other web hosting company offers.

Standard web hosting features such as email are not even all that standard – up to 100 web email addresses are offered. Each address includes powerful, internally-developed spam and virus filtering and is able to send and receive email using software already installed on the customer’s computer.

Additional features include: load balanced grid hosting for unbeatable uptime; content compression for the fastest load times; SSL FTP support for secured uploads; RAID-6 protected storage to help data survive hard-drive failures; and high performance bandwidth.

“Most people with web sites have experienced servers that have gone down,” Nitin Agarwal, President and Chief Architect for Misk, said. “With our service, the client’s web site is hosted on a grid of web servers which is referred to as ‘clustered hosting’; if any of the servers in the grid goes offline, the client’s web site is unaffected.”

Misk hostingThis innovative and unique feature provides unparalleled uptime and reliability. custom developed and architected its hosting solution in-house to make this possible.

According to Agarwal, most web browsers support compression, but very few sites take advantage of this feature. Misk’s hosting compresses content in real-time. This enterprise level feature can reduce the load time of a web site by more than 50 percent, depending on the file.

“People will not find these services anywhere else,” Agarwal explained.

Using hosting at, allows customers to take advantage of enterprise level features and reliability for $25 per year, plus domain registration cost. is an Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) accredited registrar and has customers in more than 200 countries, worldwide.

The company has been helping individuals and businesses register domain names and put themselves online since 1998. Misk is driven by research and innovation, which is backed up with a passion for stellar customer service.

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