SilverFast X-Ray Scanning Software Developed for the Medical/Dental Industry

KIEL, Germany — LaserSoft Imaging’s SilverFast, the world standard in scanning software, has now applied its vast knowledge of image capture and optimization to the medical and dental trade. SilverFast X-Ray can now capture the highest amount of detail possible from x-ray film.

The new SilverFast X-Ray enables any user to place x-ray film onto a scanner and with a few simple selections, capture the entire dynamic range of the film, giving doctors and dentists a computer image with incredible detail and accuracy.

The user-friendly interface and intelligent auto-adjust feature makes this software extremely easy to use, thus enabling anyone in the office to capture, enhance, and archive images from x-ray film.

SilverFast X-Ray The automated settings help to promptly produce a precise scan of the x-ray with optimal sharpness and clarity. The images can be viewed on a monitor immediately or quickly opened and reviewed at a later time. The software has two interfaces, a specialized x-ray interface and the standard SilverFastAi interface that gives the user a wider selection of professional level editing tools for x-rays or any other type of scans.

Using established film scanners such as the Epson 10000XL, 1640XL, 4990 and the relatively newer V700 and V750 models, the software works as both a stand-alone application or as a TWAIN interface which can be used from within any existing application that supports TWAIN.

The price of SilverFast X-ray is US$ 399.00 – a fully functional demo version is available .

Information: +1-941-921-4815,

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