BOUNTIFUL, Utah — FATPOT Technologies, Inc. has announced that Northrop Grumman Corporation has selected a FATPOT solution for a data interoperability pilot in the Silicon Valley region. Northrop Grumman, the prime systems integrator and contractor for the Silicon Valley Regional Interoperability Project (SVRIP) will deliver an interoperable software solution that will eventually connect up to thirteen 9-1-1 emergency response centers, each with different computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems within Silicon Valley.

The project is being undertaken as a pilot demonstration that will first connect three different agency systems. The result will be a seamless, information-sharing network that allows public safety professionals from one jurisdiction to automatically transfer critical call information to the appropriate dispatch center’s fire CAD system.

Significant benefits will be realized as life saving information is instantly and accurately forwarded, enabling more timely response to emergency situations throughout Santa Clara County. The first phase of the project is on track to be operational within the next few weeks.

Dale Foster, Gilroy Fire Chief and the Santa Clara County Fire Chief’s Association Steering Committee representative said, “Northrop Grumman and FATPOT will work to ensure that each CAD operates to its fullest capability to share vital information between our fire agencies – there is no higher priority for our local fire chiefs.”

Sheryl Contois, Vice-Chair of the executive steering committee for SVRIP said, “Northrop Grumman has immense capability and has served us well as a systems integrator for several years. With FATPOT’s breakthrough, interoperability technology ‘peer intelligence,’ we are excited and confident in our ability to achieve SVRIP’s important goals.”

“This project will break new ground in information sharing and achieve higher levels of interoperability. The Silicon Valley Agency leaders have a wealth of knowledge and are forward thinking. The communities involved will gain improved levels of service and responsiveness, resulting in a safer homeland,” said Jonathan Wesley, CTO of FATPOT.

The Silicon Valley Regional Interoperability Project was created to streamline the process of capturing 9-1-1 information and responding with the nearest and most appropriate public safety resource across a large, populated area. The project supports the Department of Homeland Security’s directive to improve interoperability and information sharing between multiple local, state, and federal agencies.

“Implementing this automatic 9-1-1 call transfer capability will produce faster and better execution in response to emergencies, and when a life is on the line, a few seconds can make all the difference. Silicon Valley citizens will be safer because of this important project. Our mission at FATPOT is to provide state-of-the-art technology solutions, like peer intelligence, that better serve and secure our communities, and save precious lives,” explained Brian Taylor, CEO of FATPOT.

About FATPOT Technologies, Inc.
FATPOT Technologies, Inc. is the leading Public Safety Software solution provider for rapid data integration and real time information sharing across dissimilar systems. Their breakthrough virtual data fusion technology, peer intelligence(TM), provides multi-jurisdictional data access on demand by seamlessly bridging system and network compatibility gaps. This means data sharing ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, with ANYONE.

FATPOT’s leading expertise is focused on solving Homeland Security problems related to Interoperability, Mobility, and High Performance Software for local, state and federal public safety markets.

For more information contct John Harding at (801) 815-7800, visit or contact FATPOT at (801) 397-3973.

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