Leading Provider of School Foodservice Management Products Immediately Adds Biometric Identification Component to POS Software with No Development Work

ATLANTA, Ga. — M2SYS, an award-winning biometric technology research and development firm announced today that LunchByte Systems, Inc., home of the NUTRIKIDS brand of foodservice management solutions, has integrated M2SYS’ unique Bio-SnapON(TM) solution into their lunchline POS system; instantly increasing the security and efficiency of their application.

“Because we are committed to providing the most innovative foodservice management products, we immediately recognized the need to meet the growing market demand for biometric capabilities,” states Colin Sheridan, President of LunchByte Systems. “M2SYS was able to offer us something truly unique; a fully-functional fingerprint recognition system that we could immediately deploy with absolutely no development. With Bio-SnapON(TM), we were able to remain focused on providing quality foodservice solutions while instantly adding a fingerprint component that provided the added security, safety, and efficiency our customers desire.”

Bio-SnapON(TM) allows companies to quickly add biometric capabilities to their application. This enables companies like LunchByte Systems to enjoy the benefits of a fingerprint identification system without expending large amounts of time or resources during integration.

M2SYS Technology“”Parents and schools are becoming increasingly educated about the benefits biometric systems can provide for both the school and the children,” says Michael Trader, President of M2SYS. “Biometric identification is a secure way to identify children, accurately track attendance, and increase lunchline speed; while eliminating costs associated with identification cards or lunch tickets. Our Bio-SnapON(TM) solution is the perfect way to quickly realize these benefits. It is a proven, turnkey, scalable fingerprint software solution that can be easily integrated into a third-party application; allowing companies to focus on their core competencies. As the adoption of biometric technology continually expands, LunchByte Systems can rely on M2SYS to provide innovative biometric solutions.”

About M2SYS Technology
Recipient Frost & Sullivan’s 2007 Biometrics Technology Innovation of the Year Award, M2SYS Technology,, is a recognized industry leader in fingerprint identity-management technology, delivering a variety of customized, fully-functional, turn-key fingerprint readers and software solutions for businesses and consumers.

About LunchByte Systems
LunchByte Systems,, has been committed to providing the best school foodservice management solutions since 1990. Today, over 8,000 school districts across America are using the NUTRIKIDS solutions.

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