SOMERVILLE, N.J. — Having just returned from the Baja Peninsula in Mexico, Photographer Wil Fernandez is excited to share his images. While there, Fernandez’s primary subject was canines – wild, stray and working dogs. He also captured thought-provoking images of the colorful landscape and intriguing population. Fernandez chose dogs as the photography focus for the Baja trip as a result of a recent visit to Peru.

“During my trip through Peru, I spent an afternoon photographing some wild dogs that I shared my lunch with during a hike through the Andes,” Fernandez explained. “The experience and photos were so good that I decided to take another trip and to focus more on wild dogs of other regions.”

Wil FernandezFernandez explains that he is a “Life Photographer,” but is ambiguous about subject and style. He enjoys experimenting with new techniques, subject matter, lighting, style and post production in an effort keep his work fresh.

“I do not simply want to be thought of as a wildlife photographer or a nature photographer,” Fernandez said. “It is my hope and desire to continue to surprise, inspire and excite my audience.”

Fernandez is an avid traveler, who often strays from his home state of New Jersey, and has a strong sense of universal cultural acceptance.

While visiting the Baja Peninsula he managed to spend three hours in a Mexican prison, almost drive his jeep off a cliff in an attempt to get a sunset photo, and spent the day with Lorena Hankins, an American expatriate who has been living there in a secluded village of 85 people for 16 years.

According to Fernandez, Hankins is known for her innovations in pottery throughout the Baja region; he shot an entire series of images that will soon be available for viewing at:

Fernandez continues to seek adventure, and to explore new concepts in creative portraiture, nude and nature photography. Other photographic services include special events, commercial and editorial, head shots, and portfolio work.

Wil Fernandez has an online photography portfolio that offers a peek behind the photographer’s eye at:

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