PITTSBURGH, Pa. — In these tighter economic times, consumers can give themselves a raise by spending less at the discount shopping source Retail Closeout Mall ( This online store offers closeout, liquidated, overstocked, surplus, and discontinued merchandise. Since October of 2007, the online store has continued its growth, tripling the number of products being offered and increasing its customer base fourfold. The news continues to spread about the bargains on brand name and high quality items found on the website.

The budgets of consumers across the United States are tightening, a reality that makes smart bargain sites like a way for consumers to save. Staying true to their mission of “helping people save more by spending less,” Retail Closeout Mall has tripled its inventory and grown its customer base fourfold, expanding as an online discount shopping source that continually updates its inventory of closeout, liquidated, overstock, surplus, and discontinued merchandise.

Retail Closeout Mall The online store sells beauty, sports, children’s and seasonal items, as well as leather bags, shoes, watches, toys, household goods and more, all at the lowest clearance prices.

“The best way to give yourself a raise if your boss doesn’t is to simply pay less for those items you purchase, in other words your goal should be to never pay full retail price for anything,” explains owner Brooke Hairston.

With top-selling items like designer fragrances and leather handbags, the good news is that consumers are quickly finding this source to be an effective way to buy desirable items at low cost, thereby stretching their dollars. Other items commonly stocked at are closeout toys, fashions, tools, Avon jewelry, and designer inspired products.

Owner Brooke Hairston further describes this smart bargain resource: “The fact is that many of the products you see on those televised shopping channels or in mail order catalogs, etc., are now ending up in the hands of closeout specialists like Retail Closeout Mall much sooner than they have in the past. So if you can afford to wait a short while, you can pick up many of those same products on our site for a fraction of the cost.” is modeled after a true closeout or warehouse environment. The focus is on offering great bargains and responsive customer service. The site is deliberately straightforward, with no pop-up boxes or flashing advertisements. In this way, shoppers are not distracted from the true money saving shopping experience.

About Retail Closeout Mall:
Owner Brooke Hairston has worked in the technology industry for over 25 years. Currently employed with a top technology company serving in the role of Certified Project Manager, Hairston has also focused her energy on spreading the bargain news, helping an increasing number of American consumers increase their dollar power with the online store Since October of 2007, this online resource has tripled its inventory and has seen a fourfold increase in its customer base.

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