KANSAS CITY, Kans. — 176 million people around the world have diabetes. Diabetes affects multiple body systems and often times the feet and legs are at a high risk of loss of sensation (neuropathy), reduced circulation, foot ulcers, delayed wound healing, and infection. In fact, more amputations result from diabetes complications than accidents. In order to help prevent such complications from occurring, a daily foot care routine and a properly fitting pair of seamless diabetic socks are essential, says the Diabetic Sock Store.

The Diabetic Sock Store(SM) is pleased to offer SmartKnit Seamless Diabetic Socks. These patented socks are designed to meet the unique foot care needs of people with diabetes and are unlike any other socks available. These comfortable seamless socks reduce pressure and irritation on the toes; while the patented form-fitting design ensures that the socks fit like a second skin and won’t wrinkle or bunch. The patented Halo Top(TM) design also ensures that there are no elastic bands at the tops of the socks. This design helps prevent the socks from cutting into the leg, causing painful indentations and reduced circulation.

“I see first-hand the serious foot care issues that diabetics and their healthcare providers deal with and the right protective footwear really can make all the difference”, said Nancy Elftman, CO, Cped, and Nationally Recognized Diabetic Foot Care Educator. “Reducing skin injuries, pressure from ill-fitting shoes and sock toe seams, plus excess moisture is a tall order for any pair of socks. But SmartKnit socks do the job. There are no other diabetic socks on the market like them.”

SmartKnit Diabetic Socks are available at the Diabetic Sock Store(SM) in high-tech CoolMax(R) or X-STATIC(R) silver fibers. CoolMax(R) fibers wick away moisture to keep the feet dry and comfortable. An antibacterial finish on the sock also helps prevent bacteria growth and odor. X-STATIC(R) silver fibers act as a natural antimicrobial and antifungal, which keeps the feet more hygienic and reduces odor. SmartKnit Diabetic Socks are also available in a variety of styles, including mini-crew, crew, over-the-calf and wide, with color selections of white, black, grey, and navy.

Along with wearing SmartKnit Diabetic Socks, diabetics should also implement a daily foot care routine. The precautions below are recommended by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) to help prevent complications.

Call your doctor immediately if you notice any changes in your feet, no matter how minor.

    * Check your feet daily for “hot spots”, infected nails, etc.

    * Always keep your feet clean. Wash them with a mild soap and dry them well before putting on your socks and shoes to inhibit bacteria growth.

    * Keep your toenails trimmed by following the natural curve of your toe. If you’re unable to trim them yourself, have your foot specialist trim them for you.

    * Wear clean socks every day and pull or roll them on gently. Make sure your socks are not too large or small and that there are no holes or bunched areas that could rub your foot wrong.

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NEWS SOURCE: Diabetic Sock Store
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