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Chicago's Jefferson Memorial Park hosts 2013 Jeff Fest Arts and Music Festival

CHICAGO, Ill. /eNewsChannels/ -- Jeff Fest Arts and Music Festival is pleased to announce its three-day musical lineup and headliners including Dot Dot Dot, Magic Box and the Michael McDermott Band. Jefferson Memorial Park's lush green lawn and ball fields transform into a giant backyard for all to enjoy over the course of the three-day festival from July 26 - 28, 2013.

MCT Trading announces HALO-Link Pipeline Data Interface for LOS Platforms at the 99th MBA Annual Convention and Exposition

CHICAGO, Ill. /eNewsChannels/ -- MCT Trading, Inc. (MCT), a recognized leader in mortgage pipeline hedging and risk management services, announced at the 99th MBA Annual Convention and Exposition that they developed an integrated interface that connects loan origination systems (LOS) with its proprietary HALO (Hedging And Loan sales Optimization) platform(SM).

At the 99th MBA Annual Convention and Exposition, Quandis Launches New SaaS Skip Trace Application for Default Servicing

CHICAGO, Ill. /eNewsChannels/ -- Quandis, Inc., a leading provider of default management mortgage technology solutions, announced at the 99th MBA Annual Convention and Exposition that it released a Web-based skip trace application to locate individuals that are in default via a centralized platform. The solution can be utilized by mortgage companies to quickly locate, contact and personally engage with borrowers who are in distressed financial situations.

Global DMS Launches SaaS 'Global Unity Project' for LOS Providers at MBA Annual Convention and Exposition

CHICAGO, Ill. /eNewsChannels/ -- Global DMS, the leading provider of Web-based compliant valuation management software, announced at the 99th MBA Annual Convention and Exposition the official introduction of Global Unity, which seamlessly integrates its solution with leading loan origination systems (LOS). Global Unity provides lenders, banks and credit unions with 100 percent control over their entire collateral valuation process-with zero risk.

BiBa Soft announces Play Dictionary, a free iPhone and iPad App reinventing How We Use the Dictionary

CHICAGO, Ill. /eNewsChannels/ -- BiBa Soft, a small app development company, has reinvented how we use the dictionary by turning it into a fun interactive word game. Play Dictionary shows a definition of a word from the dictionary then asks you to figure that word out using the least amount of definitions.

Illinois Sikh Community Center says Sikh Community Shooting in Milwaukee Not Racially Motivated

CHICAGO, Ill. /eNewsChannels/ -- Statement regarding shooting at Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin: Several people have been injured in a shooting incident. The Sikh community in the United States has been active citizens since the late 1800's in the USA. Sikhism is a monotheistic faith that requires them to wear a turban and one of the youngest religions in the world. 'The incident in Milwaukee has been a shock, we are concerned about the victims and their families. We understand that this was a 'random' act and not one motivate by race. So, we are asking for the support from the greater community for their prayers for the victims and their families,' said Amarjit Singh from the Illinois Sikh Community Center.

Textbook, Construction Project Management, wins Axion Business Book, Indie Next Generation, and International Best Book Awards

CHICAGO, Ill. /eNewsChannels/ -- Sales of the textbook 'Construction Project Management - a Managerial Approach' (ISBN: 978-0979996917) from Pareto Publishing, have increased 400 percent each semester since publication in December 2010. The text is now increasingly used in United States 2-year, 4-year and graduate university construction management, architecture and real estate programs.

Bersin and Associates releases research bulletin on KnowledgeAdvisors' Metrics that Matter

CHICAGO, Ill. /eNewsChannels/ -- KnowledgeAdvisors today announced that Bersin and Associates, the leading research and advisory services firm, released a brand new research bulletin that reviews KnowledgeAdvisors world-class integrated learning measurement solution, Metrics that Matter.

Restaurants Recommended is a new guide to best dining spots in over 40 U.S. cities

CHICAGO, Ill. /eNewsChannels/ -- Deborah Gonderil, publisher of 'Restaurants Recommended,' could not find a restaurant ratings guide that not only incorporated multiple cities, but one that provided unprejudiced and genuine opinions of professional reviewers. As a result, she set out to compile a series of sources of reviews from professional food critics. 'Restaurants Recommended' (ISBN: 978-1466283176) is the end result.

Chicago Apartment Locating Service Has New Website

CHICAGO, Ill. /eNewsChannels/ -- Blue City Chicago Apartments, Inc. has recently launched a re-designed website that offers Chicago apartment renters an easier and faster means to help them find their next apartment.