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HeartIT CloudCMR Platform Reaches 25,000 De-Identified Cardiac MRI Exams with Finalized Clinical Reports

NEWS: Heart Imaging Technologies (HeartIT) announced that CloudCMR has surpassed 25,000 de-identified Cardiac MRI (CMR) procedures and their associated, finalized, clinical reports.

Over 10,000 Cardiac MRI Exams with Associated Clinical Reports Available for Research via HeartIT CloudCMR Platform

NEWS: Heart Imaging Technologies (HeartIT) is extremely excited to announce that their CloudCMR service now contains over 10,000 de-identified Cardiac MRI (CMR) procedures and their associated, finalized, clinical reports.

HeartIT Precession Solution Advances Medical Imaging by Delivering a Complete CMR Platform in a Web Browser

DURHAM, N.C. /eNewsChannels/ -- NEWS: HeartIT (Heart Imaging Technologies) is pleased to officially announce the release of Precession(TM), the first Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Solution in the market which allows Viewing, Analysis, and Reporting all within a standard web browser. Precession(TM) combines zero footprint web technology along with communication and distribution features unmatched in the industry.

Zero Footprint Medical Tech Patent Portfolio from HeartIT licensed by Viztek LLC

DURHAM, N.C. /eNewsChannels/ -- NEWS: Heart Imaging Technologies LLC today announced that Viztek LLC, a leading provider of complete digital software and hardware imaging solutions, has licensed HeartIT's zero footprint patent portfolio. The licensed patents cover the use of zero footprint technologies to provide access to diagnostic-quality medical images in a standard Internet web browser.

Heart Imaging Technologies wins $2.5M NIH grant to develop the Cloud Based Corelab of the Future

DURHAM, N.C. /eNewsChannels/ -- NEWS: Heart Imaging Technologies (HeartIT), the global leader that pioneered the first FDA approved zero-footprint medical imaging workstation, announced today that it has received a $2.5M grant from the National Institutes of Health in order to develop the 'Cloud Based Corelab of the Future.'