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Scalia: An Eternity of Torment

Opinion: Antonin Scalia: An Eternity of Torment

Note: Hold off on your rejoicing: Antonin Scalia is still alive. But since he is obviously brain-dead, we present this pre-eulogy. No moment of silence...

Secret Sex – A Book Alive Online: Chapter 47 – Say What?

eNewsChannels BOOK SERIAL: "Secret Sex, A Book Alive Online," written and lived by John Scott G: Chapter 47 - "Say What?." Q: Do you understand...

Patriot Acts: Taking Pride in This President

eNewsChannels COLUMN: Too many times, the use of words such as 'patriot' and 'patriotism' comes from a highly politicized place. The terms become part of campaign speeches or commercials. Let's examine some acts that can be accurately called patriotic.