equipment financing and leasingLOS ANGELES, Calif. /eNewsChannels/ — “Many business owners don’t realize that funding is still available for equipment purchases, even if the banks are turning them down,” says Bob Skibinski, CEO of Taycor Financial. “Unlike other equipment leasing companies, here at Taycor, we are getting deals done for our clients every day; which means you are going to get the new piece of equipment you need, and you are going to get it fast.”

What’s unique about Taycor’s equipment financing program is the quick approval process, and then the remarkably fast speed at which Taycor is able to fund the deals and get the new equipment into the hands of the business owner.

“Sure, this is a tough economy, but Taycor is still able to move incredibly quickly and get deals done. This is because of our 14 years of solid relationships with the banks and the manufacturers. Speed is a huge benefit that other equipment leasing companies just can’t offer,” says Skibinski.

Taycor also offers a Web-based equipment financing calculator where business owners can see their estimated monthly payment, and can choose the term, and the type of lease. The equipment leasing calculator even shows the net-cost-per-day of having the equipment in your facility, and the estimated return-on-investment.

“Our goal is to show business owners real numbers and real choices so they can get funded as quickly as possible and put the needed equipment to use in their businesses right away.”

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About Taycor Financial:

Founded in 1997, with offices in Los Angeles and Boston, Taycor Financial is a fiscally sound and economically responsible partner for all your equipment leasing needs. We strive to help small and medium-sized businesses of any industry to gain access to the best possible financing and leasing terms, for any type of new or used equipment from $5,000 up to $5 million. We aim to provide first class financial expertise along with offering the fastest, most reliable service in the equipment leasing industry.

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