TEMPLE, Texas — ACS Data Recovery, a worldwide leader in hard drive and RAID data recovery services, is proud to announce the official launch of their brand new Regional Affiliate Program for computer service providers and networking professionals. While the company’s new program offers robust discounts on data recovery services, it also offers additional PR for the Affiliate, and allows all Affiliates the opportunity to earn a substantial commission just for serving as a local drop off point for customers of ACS Data Recovery.

Computer service centers with a customer-friendly atmosphere can become an official drop off point for customers of ACS Data Recovery, and receive commissions of up to 35% for each job that comes through their store. “We wanted something totally different for our partners,” explained company president, Greg Duffield. “A lot of data recovery companies offer some sort of reseller program, but we wanted to up the ante by not only offering some of the biggest discounts, but also increasing the ways in which our partners can earn revenue. Some of our customers don’t want to go through the hassle of shipping their hard drives,” Duffield said.

“They prefer to have a local store that will enable them to conveniently drop off their hard drive, and this program is a perfect fit for computer repair shops, retail service centers and network professionals. Basically, our customer is forwarded to one of the Regional Affiliates, we then notify the Affiliate, a shipping label will be provided, and a FedEx pickup will be scheduled in order to deliver the customer’s drive to our Temple, Texas lab. If their data is recovered, the Affiliate receives 35% of the data recovery fee.”

In addition, Regional Affiliates will be eligible for steep discounts of up to 35% on all data recovery services that may be needed for their own customers.

Not only do the Regional Affiliates receive some of the best commissions and discounts in the industry, they also receive additional promotion. ACS Data Recovery will issue an official press release announcing each new affiliate, and that release will be fed to a variety of news outlets (i.e. Google News, Yahoo!, and various trade magazines). The Affiliate’s company will also be listed on the Regional Affiliates Page for their area, which will also include a link to the new Affiliate’s website and all necessary contact information.

Participation in this program is going to be very limited, with just 2 locations being offered for major metropolitan areas (populations over 1 million people), and 1 location for less populated areas (populations of fewer than 1 million people). This will allow Affiliates to take full advantage of this program, without having to compete amongst each other. Affiliate applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis.

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About ACS Data Recovery
ACS Data Recovery, a division of ACS Forensics, Inc, is a Texas-based corporation specializing in the recovery of lost data from failed hard drives and RAID systems since 2003. ACS is a registered Dun & Bradstreet company, and is also a registered partner of the Central Contractor Registry. They provide services worldwide to Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, every branch of the military, defense contractors, law firms, health care facilities, major universities and home users.

For more information you can visit the company’s website at or call 1-877-646-0546.

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