KIRKLAND, Wash. — As 77 million soon-to-retire baby boomers promise to explode the long term care industry, one company is exploding already: LTC Financial Partners LLC, the nation’s most experienced long term care insurance brokerage. The firm has grown from 85 agents two years ago to 239 today, an impressive 281% increase.

What’s the big draw? “We think it’s two things,” says Cameron Truesdell, CEO. “First, the best agents want to rub shoulders with others who are also best in class. Working with top colleagues can help them perform at their peak.”

Truesdell’s 239 Partners include many of the nation’s leading experts on long term care insurance and its impact on one’s financial security, estate protection, and lifestyle.

The second reason for the influx of agents is monetary. “We provide ownership and a second income stream,” Truesdell explains. “We’re the only large national brokerage where agents own shares in the business and get a piece of the action. This is over and above their regular income from premiums and renewals.” Truesdell says that ownership carries more than the allure of money. “There’s a special status that goes with it. It’s like being in a law firm as a full partner; you’re a respected member of a professional fraternity.”

Details of the ownership plan are available in a “Partner Package,” which may be requested at .

Other factors also help to explain the rapid influx of top agents. One is the organization’s alliances with other professional organizations including banks, financial advisory firms, in-home care providers, and associations such as the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys. Another factor is central support for marketing, public relations, and lead generation “so agents don’t have to make so many cold calls,” says Truesdell.

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