SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — Mitch Hawkins, CEO of JatrophaBioJet Corporation announced today founding of the World Biojet Alliance (, a worldwide industry non-profit trade group to serve the needs of the rapidly forming Bio Jet Fuel sector. Mr. Hawkins, who will serve as Chairman of the Board of Governors, stated “The World Biojet Alliance will be an independent and impartial global organization founded to promote, conduct research, coordinate communications and provide innovative solutions for advanced biofuels used in aviation. The Alliance will also serve as an information network that is fully equipped to educate the public, media, and elected officials about the true economic and environmental benefits associated with the production and use of advanced biofuels.”

World Biojet AllianceTimothy Bigelow will serve as President and Executive Director. Mr. Bigelow said “The WBA will be an alliance of professionals from industry, education, and government from around the globe. Particularly of note, with our staff’s extensive background in finance, we are preparing to launch a series of Investment Webinars designed to aid the investment community in understanding and identifying opportunities in aviation biofuels. WBA Staff is currently working on projects to summarize methodological differences in lifecycle accounting for GHG emissions from biofuels and approaches to accounting for indirect impacts of biofuels production.”

The purpose of the World Biojet Alliance is to:

– Conduct research and provide analysis on the biojet industry.

– Develop a repository of information on biofuels and the biojet industry.

– Assist in establishing quality standards and best practices.

– Provide accurate and timely information to the public and media on initiatives, funding opportunities, and developments from across the entire field of biofuels.

– Provide networking and collaboration opportunities.

– Facilitate commercialization and market development of the biojet industry.

JatrophaBioJet Corporation ( is the founding charter member of WBA and has provided funding for its formation. The Company is developing the Jatropha/advanced biofuels market for jet, turbine and aerospace applications. JatrophaBioJet provides a cooperative single point exchange for the worldwide supply and purchase of bio jet fuel. It also utilizes its formidable carbon resources to provide the solution to the very large related carbon offset opportunity, believed to be in excess of 660 million metric tons of CO2 per year from worldwide aviation.