Support for two ATCA blades in a back-to-back 1U chassis to enable COTS ATCA and AMCs modules for Telco/Enterprise applications

BOSTON, Mass. — At the NXTComm show in Chicago, CorEdge Networks demonstrated its CEN-ATCA-1US server platform that for the first time offers the possibility of employing COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) AdvancedTCA (ATCA) and AdvancedMC (AMC) blades in traditional enterprise data center environments. Many enterprise data centers are dominated by 30″ deep 1U servers. The CEN-ATCA-1US follows those traditional packaging conventions while also enabling support for two (2) back-to-back ATCA blades with an intelligent mid-plane to provide management, power, networking connectivity and clock support in a 30″ deep 1U high chassis.

The ATCA/AMC ecosystems provide the enterprise users with a great degree of modularity and wide array of high-performance processor, co-processor and I/O modules. By enabling ATCA blades and AMC modules (in an ATCA Carrier Card) in a 1U enterprise style system, enterprise users can maximize the use of the ATCA/AMC COTS ecosystems to develop their next generation applications.

CEN-ATCA-1US Demonstration
The CEN-ATCA-1US consists of a 1U ATCA chassis with removable push/pull cooling fan trays. Two (2) ATCA blades can be supported in the chassis in a back-to-back fashion so that the front panel of each ATCA blade can be accessed.

The initial CEN-ATCA-1US demonstration system consists of:
* A CorEdge Networks ATCA Full Cutaway AMC Carrier Card (CEN-RC2), which can support up to four (4) single width AMCs (full-size, mid-size or compact-size). Each AMC is independently hot-swappable. Configured with one or more CorEdge Networks 20Gbps FPGA-based Reconfigurable Line Card AMC (CEN-RL20), the CEN-RC2 serves as an ultra-intelligent I/O blade that supports high speed encryption/decryption, HDTV signal processing, GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) or Carrier Grade Ethernet applications.

* A high-speed ATCA processor blade, using two (2) dual-core high-speed Intel XeonTM processors. This Intel-based processor card is capable of handling multiple 1Gbps or 10Gbps data streams and application. Because this ATCA blade uses an enterprise server class processor, many traditional enterprise applications can be supported.

CEN-ATCA-1US will be available for sampling in the end of 2007.

About CorEdge Networks
CorEdge Networks is a leading supplier of ATCA/MicroTCA/AMC/IPMI compliant infrastructure products. For more detailed information on CorEdge Networks, see

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