AUSTIN, Tex. — deverus has partnered with On-Site Austin, a computer solutions, technology service, and consulting company. On-Site will compliment deverus’ expertise, increase deverus’ capabilities, and deepens deverus’ commitment to the security, stability, and performance of deverus technology.

deverus, the top growth solution for the background check industry, considers the stability of their client’s technology a top priority of their business. As part of the background check industry for over nine years, deverus is well aware of the security risks inherent in a connected, always on world. As deverus has seen the volume of screening business handled by its technology platform skyrocket, deverus decided they needed a partner whose sole concern was the management of their servers and networks.

This solution was provided to deverus by On-Site Austin, a computer solutions company that has been a leader in information technology since 1992. On-Site’s skill set brings excelled performance and specialized expertise to the deverus team. Their knowledge base broadens deverus’ ability to provide their clients with top quality technology services, unmatched reliability, and the ability to anticipate and benefit from new technology solutions in the market.

Most importantly On-site’s partnership allows the deverus team to strengthen its business focus of helping aggressively growing background check companies diversify their offerings, win business in a competitive marketplace, and to grow at an unparalleled rate.

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