Ozone Laundry System display located in Paradise Laundry

(ROSEVILLE, Calif.) — NEWS: Paradise Laundry has recently expanded their location in Roseville and added a state-of-the-art new feature. The pandemic has demonstrated the importance of cleanliness resulting in multiple methods being used to kill bacteria i.e., antibacterial soap, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. However, those efforts don’t have to stop there; at Paradise Laundry’s Roseville location, customers can now disinfect and sanitize their clothing and linens with the addition of an Ozone Laundry System.

Deborah Dower, owner of Paradise Laundry explains: “Ozone, commonly referred to as ‘nature’s sanitizer,’ is a natural atmosphere-purifying gas made by combining oxygen and electricity. You may have smelled it in the air after a lightning storm. Ozone is the strongest reproducible sanitizer known to man and is an extremely effective disinfectant against germs that can cause sickness.

“At Paradise Laundry the new system generates ozone, which is then dissolved in the cold water where it rapidly oxidizes organic materials, purifying the water and reducing odors. As a result, clothes are cleaner, smell fresher and feel softer.

“Ozone has long been used in the food processing industry to kill bacteria and E. coli. If you drink bottled water, there is a good chance the water has been sanitized through ozonization. Scientists have confirmed ozone kills viruses such as HIV, MRSA and SARS and is currently being tested to verify it will have the same destructive effect on COVID-19.”

Deborah went on to say, “Historically, ozonated water systems have been used for commercial laundry, typically in hospitals and hotels. However, recently, Ozone Laundry Systems have become available for laundromats and even residential use. Unfortunately, the up-front costs are significant which prohibits most homes and businesses from investing in the system. We are excited to provide this benefit to our customers at no additional charge.”

When asked how the system works Deborah replies; “You can see the generator in action on display in the customer area. Because heat and hot water dissipates the ozone, the system is connected to the cold-water line. When a washer calls for cold water, the display lights up blue and the ‘fish’ start to swim signaling that the ozone generator has kicked on and is injecting ozone into the water. During the rinse cycles, which use cold water, the laundry is disinfected and sanitized. However, we encourage customers to select a less expensive Cold-Water wash in order to get the benefits of sanitizing and disinfecting from beginning to end. In addition to providing our customers with the cleanest laundry possible, our washers are also sanitized each time they are used.”

Paradise Laundry is an industry leader in the use of laundromat technology, always striving to provide customers with cutting edge features to enhance their laundromat experience and make the chore of doing laundry easier. They were the first self-serve coin laundry in the area to implement the added convenience of accepting credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Wallet directly on the washer and dryers. As Sacramento’s 1st Eco-friendly Laundromat, their mission in 2010 was to protect the environment and started with the investment in large energy efficient, water saving machines which also reduce dry time. Adding an Ozone Laundry System furthers that commitment as well as provides an added benefit to customers.

Paradise Laundry in Roseville is located at 105 Ascot Drive near the intersection of Sunrise and Douglas behind Lorenzo’s.

For more information call 916-933-9753 or visit the website at

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