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(MOUNTAIN LAKES, N.J.) — NEWS: Today the EraNova Institute announces a special report, “In the Cloud, Our Buildings and We Can Fly – Toward a Smart, Green Life.” Dick Samson, Director of EraNova and author of the report, says “Buildings need to get smart if society is to get green.”

He adds, “But most buildings are too dumb to even start getting smart. They’re not even online.” His report documents the reason and describes the solution.

“Most buildings aren’t yet online because they’re bogged down by paper,” he explains. “Their critical systems, from electricity and plumbing to heating and air conditioning, still run manually for the most part – by reference to blueprints, diagrams, construction records, maintenance notes, and other industrial-age documents.”

Paper persists because “It’s a pain to put it all online. There’s just too much of it.”

Fortunately, new services simplify the process. They enable organizations to bring their buildings’ paper documents online quickly and then manage digitally forever after.

The report presents information from a leader in this new industry, California startup SmartCSM ( ). “The majority of the world’s buildings are managed from documents that are inaccurate, incomplete, disorganized, illegible, or entirely missing,” says Craig Caryl, the company’s CEO. “These legacy buildings are too backward to get smart except in bits and pieces.”

Operating in the cloud, thanks to services like SmartCSM’s, changes all that. It offers broad opportunities for saving time and money while reducing accidents and waste.

“For example,” says Daniel Scalisi, SmartCSM’s Chief Operating Officer, “technicians fix problems faster when they have immediate access to critical data. Productivity increases of 30 percent are common.”

Also, “Managing buildings in the cloud is the first step toward the Internet of Things with artificial intelligence, our next electronic revolution,” Caryl adds.

Over time, smart buildings could evolve into genius buildings, fostering profound changes in society, according to the report.

For example, future structures could –

* change from bare-bones enclosures to sensitive instruments of human enhancement, increasing our health, happiness, and productivity, and
* share functions with mobile “people-containers” ranging from self-driving cars to self-guided air and space vehicles.

Early adopters include United Airlines, Toyota, Salvation Army, University of Miami, and the City of Manhattan Beach, California.

In addition to SmartCSM, the report references three other startups in the budding industry: Site1001, Akitabox, and PlanGrid. Many additional suppliers, including giants like IBM and Microsoft, may enter the field between now and 2030, according to the report.

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