LOS ANGELES, Calif. — “Flying Embers” (ISBN: 0-9774017-0-7), published by Visual Horizons Publishing Group, LLC, is a newly-released romance novel authored by James H. Pasternak – a Newport Beach, Calif. firefighter (Ret.). Based on real-life events, the story begins as the main character, Todd Blanchard, gets an early start on his fire-service career and soon realizes his dream of working in his chosen field.

James H. PasternakWhile Blanchard is working his way up the ladder, five beautiful, blonde, Los-Angeles based flight attendants take up residence in the affluent Newport Beach area. Consciously seeking a suitable man with deep pockets, the girls set out to secure their futures. All the while their actions are being observed by their landlords and Blanchard.

Blanchard manages to deal with the rigors of his firefighting career, and as a landlord, while getting a close look at the gold digging and sinister behavior of the gorgeous fly girls.

While wearing his tool belt, Blanchard notices that one of the young women – Skyler Hayze – may be different from the rest. He now divides his time between firefighting, his landlord duties, and pursuing this woman who has caught his eye.

As Blanchard’s relationship develops with Hayze, he learns about her friends, their character and what they will do to find true love, happiness and money.

“Since the book is based on real-life events,” Pasternak said, “readers have the opportunity to get a first-hand, insider’s peek at rescue calls, firehouse gossip and fire situations as experienced by Newport Beach’s bravest. The book has it all – romance, greed, danger and betrayal.”

Pasternak draws from 33 years of experience and observations as a Newport Beach firefighter and redirects his love and passion for the job into this timeless novel.

“From the first humbling chapter, this book wraps you up and holds you tight,” Anita Harmon Bell, reader said. “It takes you on an emotional ride that will leave you wanting more.”

In addition, readers familiar with the city can easily identify spots where events take place, right down to the table in a fine restaurant or fast-food eatery.

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NEWS SOURCE: Visual Horizons Publishing Group, LLC
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