MOUNTAIN LAKES, N.J. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — EraNova Institute re-focuses its SuperLife social network to help people start thriving by riding green trends. SuperLife used to be a loose association of experts and proponents in fields ranging from technology to health and fitness. It will now sharpen its focus on under-reported trends toward a future that is both sustainable and prosperous.

“If we focus on dozens of green, next level trends, the future looks really bright,” says Richard W. (Dick) Samson, who runs SuperLife and serves as EraNova’s Director. He acknowledges that the economy is limping along with millions needing jobs and millions more stressed about their prospects, but asserts, “Thanks to the green, sustainable trends there are things people can do right now to start making money by making a difference, and start living better by spending, wasting, and polluting less.”

The trends are not just green and sustainable, according to Samson. They’re also more consciously-directed than yesterday’s more aimless trends. “There’s a new mind-set and level of thinking that’s taking us to the next levels of technical, economic, mental, physical, and social development.” Another characteristic of the trends is their accelerating speed. “Germinal, world-changing innovations are happening faster and faster in virtually every field. If we leverage these trends successfully, the future will be not just good but great, with transformed lifestyles, communities, and nations. In fact, life as we know it may be transitioning toward a kind of super-life.”

Samson started SuperLife to bring experts together to collaborate on shifting our present thinking toward practices that create more sustainability and prosperity rather than running down our resources until they are depleted and our health and environment are compromised. With its new focus it showcases pioneers helping individuals and society “leverage key trends to sustainable prosperity.”

Now active at, the site is designed to empower experts to amplify their messages and innovations through public exposure and pooled efforts. It features a growing collection of ideas, action options, services, products, principles, and people to help the transition from today’s relatively limited circumstances to more expansive options. Visitors to the site will have access to the latest resources for improving their own careers, health, mental capacities, communities and more. “The result can be an exceptional future for us all,” says Samson, “the next level for society, a green golden age.”

“Super-life” developments will now be tracked within six key categories: money, mind, health, living, technology, and culture. Experts in the six categories are invited to join SuperLife to collaborate and let people learn about their discoveries, innovations, principles, books, art works, useful products, or services. There will be a growing body of content useful to business and government leaders, professionals in all fields, students, and the general public. Articles, videos, and specialized groups feature everything from electric cars and off-the-grid living to artistic therapeutics and life extension. Anyone may join free at

“Our future can be better than ever,” says Samson. “We don’t have to give up anything except waste, pollution, conflict, pointless excess, doubt, and delay. We can do more than restore yesterday’s sustainable balance. We can thrive within tomorrow’s infinite promise, because that’s sustainable too.”

Dick Samson
of EraNova Institute

NEWS SOURCE: EraNova Institute