PORTLAND, Ore. — Darrin Taylor and Alan Espasandin are the owner operators of Statewide Compliance Training (SCT). After serving the State of Oregon for a combined 12 years as Inspectors in the regulatory department of the Commission they are venturing out on their own to offer training in liquor law, service permits and DPSST Security certifications.

“As OLCC inspectors, we often found ourselves at odds with enforcing liquor law and wishing that we could have helped licensees and their staff avoid the violations and or sanctions prior to discovering them. Even after a violation was discovered we found that most if not all violations could have easily been avoided if only the licensee and their staff were better trained,” said Darrin Taylor of SCT.

SCT has very similar goals as the OLCC. Where they differ is in their approach to achieving those goals.

SCT’s goal is to help the licensee and their staff to understand the complex laws, rules and regulations enforced by OLCC through training prior to receiving a violation. To help reduce sales to minors, visibly intoxicated people and help reduce the amount of DUIIs in the State of Oregon through training.

Statewide Compliance Training The company will be offering quarterly training to licensees for a yearly fee without regard to the number of employees the business has to send to training. SCT Director Alan Espasandin explained that “A licensee can send a third of their staff each month to our training which will be given four times every second Tuesday of every month.” Their quarterly training will satisfy the OLCC requirement to stay in the Responsible Vendor Program.

SCT will also conduct weekly service permit training to new employees and hand deliver the paperwork to OLCC which will help reduce violations for employees working without holding a service permit. Another common service permit violation is when an employee’s service permit expiration date is overlooked. SCT’s plan to correct this is to monitor all of their client’s service permits and give them a call two months prior to their expiration date.

The company’s certification and training offerings don’t stop there. The owners also have two security companies and years of private security experience. Recently the OLCC has decided to write violations for deficiencies in a bar’s security certifications. So SCT is also offering weekly DPSST Security Certification classes.

“We want to be able to serve as many of our clients’ needs for training and certifications as we can to keep them in compliance with law. We set our fees low enough for any licensee to afford; most licensees will probably get a discount off their liquor liability insurance in excess of our cost,” concluded Espasandin.

For more information about SCT and their services you can find them on the web at .

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