Thousands of People Hiding Internet Use from Employers and Others

MONARCH BAY, Calif. — is offering a new service that provides the ability to do anything and go anywhere online without anyone else knowing. The service is totally free and there is no software to download. EverPrivate conceals where you surf and eliminates all of the tracks you leave behind. Your activities remain private, which not only protects your identity, but also your privacy.

EverPrivateJerry Klein, President / CEO of EverPrivate said, “We’ve been offering the EverPrivate service as part of our company-owned dating service, and anonymous payment service, We’ve found it really resonates with consumers and fulfills a need. We’ve decided to offer it for free, no forms to complete, no adware, totally free.

EverPrivate is a set of Web based tools that includes an anonymous browser, eraser and complimentary services that let you hide your IP address and erase information from personal computers. This includes all previous temporary Internet files, cookies, cache, history and transactions. Also included are tools to block access to your desktop, create private bookmarks and a private telephone number to protect your identity. There is no download required or installation and it works from any PC, anywhere.

Mr. Klein said, “The free EverPrivate service has a total value over $100. For the last year we have been selling the anonymous browser and eraser for $39.95 at online stores like Staples and Circuit City. Now we’ve enhanced the product and included the additional tools to really complete the privacy protection solution.”

About EverPrivate

EverPrivate is a service from Private Date Finder, LLC, a privately owned company located in Monarch Bay, California. The Company has developed proprietary technology that permits anonymous surfing and erases your tracks. There is no download required or installation and it works from any PC, anywhere. The company has a patent pending on this technology.

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NEWS SOURCE: Private Date Finder, LLC
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