LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Are you happy is a simple question but being blissful seems to elude nearly everyone. Even Oprah on a recent show admitted that she was not 100% happy. Dawn T. Clare seeks to fill this gap through counseling and corporate consulting. Dawn overcame many challenges on her path to bliss. She had a difficult childhood that resulted in she and her family living for months in a homeless shelter in the South Bronx. She persevered, graduated from Harvard Business School, and became a successful Hollywood executive.

Following a year that included: the deaths of her mother and great grandmother, a near fatal car crash, and an involved recovery period, Dawn embarked on a spiritual journey. She was approached about becoming a life coach.

It was then that Dawn, a former Warner Bros. executive, formed the company, SPISE BLISS ( She created a new field, Bliss Guiding, which takes a fun, spiritual, and practical approach to helping clients. She uses a multi-dimensional technique to assist individuals – spiritual, physical, intellectual, sexual and emotional (SPISE).

SPISE BLISS’ prescriptive for happiness can be found in one of its t-shirt designs: “Do what you love, be with those you love, and the rest of your life falls into bliss.” Solaria Perez, Producer, says, “Dawn’s ability to assess a situation, provide clarity, and give an optimal path for attaining goals is incredibly empowering.”

Clients also get the benefits of Dawn’s spiritual talents. At Harvard, a classmate penned the nickname, Clairvoyant, because of her uncanny accurate predictions. After the car crash, Dawn emerged with a higher sense of these skills. The company handles a myriad of client issues ranging from serious health problems to finding love to profit improvement. Both individuals and companies get tangible steps on achieving their goals.

A client and marketing executive, Linda Holcman, says, “Dawn is amazing. The combination of her professional acumen and spiritual guidance is powerful – every time we speak, she positively impacts my personal and professional endeavors.”

Dawn’s goal is to have SPISE BLISS be the primary place for bliss regardless of a person’s economic status. A unique feature of the website is the Wishing Well. It is an advice column. On a donation basis, people contact SPISE BLISS with problems and get a solution via email or phone. The company also sells art – sunset photos, t-shirts, and artwork – to help customers reinforce bliss in their environment.

Dawn sums up her journey to be happy, “When I was a child, a teacher asked the class what superpower we wanted. I chose helping people to be happy. I get up every morning and fulfill this dream and help others fulfill their dreams and goals. I am very lucky!”

SPISE BLISS serves blissful products and services including: Bliss Sessions, Party & Speaking Engagements, Corporate Consulting, and Art. Every offering is customized to provide each individual and organization with the relevant keys for experiencing and maintaining bliss.

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