TORONTO, Ontario — With a rapidly growing, comprehensive resource directory that ranges from Arts & Entertainment to Travel & Real Estate, is fast becoming the one stop destination for visitors seeking resources within the LGBT community.

The directory features free full page microsite listings with photo uploads, web and email links, as well as content information. The beauty of this new style of directory is that you get a visual, along with the standard information, which, in cases of seeking vacation accommodations, you can view the facilities and decorative manner in which the hosts have to offer.

Understanding that there is alot of wealth in this niche market, the owners of the website are also aware that there are a lot of people that can’t afford to pay for this kind of exposure, and this gives them the opportunity to be visible in the community and use the listing as their own personal website.

Gay-VillagerFor those seeking more prominent exposure, “featured” options and banner advertising is available. There is also a category for Non-profits and Social Clubs for those wishing to connect with others that have the same interests or are supporting a cause.

Since its conception in 2006, the directory is breaking the 1,000 listings mark and gets new listings every day. Traffic numbers have risen to approx. 10k visitors a week in this short time, and continues to build.

Above and beyond the Community Directory, Gay-Villager features a Personals Section and Chat for Men and Women, helpful links and postings for Gay Pride celebrations across North America.

In short, Gay-Villager has created a complete resource site for the LGBT community, connecting businesses and individuals thru Canada and the U.S.

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