WASHINGTON, D.C. — GeckoSystems, Inc. (OTC: GKSY) is pleased to announce that the Board of Directors has appointed Mr. Neil T. Wallace to the position of Vice President, Legal and Public Affairs. Mr. Wallace holds a J.D. and an economics degree and has held several senior management positions domestically.

“The appointment of Mr. Wallace provides the company with a depth of legal acumen which is important and necessary in business today,” commented Mr. R. Martin Spencer, CEO/President of GeckoSystems, Inc.

“During 2006 we have achieved some major milestones for GeckoSystems. We are confident that this new appointment will enhance and compliment the existing personnel, allowing the Company to capitalize on the substantial opportunities in the market which in turn will add shareholder value. We have several near term patent opportunities available to us and Mr. Wallace’s support will help ensure their timely award,” added Mr. Spencer.

About GeckoSystems, Inc.:
GeckoSystems, Inc. (OTC: GKSY / is a leading developer of mobile robot solutions based in Conyers, Georgia. The Company specializes in supplying mobile service robots (MSR’s) that automatically self-navigate the home, office, or business for errand running, patrolling, and other useful tasks without human assistance or intervention. Now entering its tenth year of business, GeckoSystems, Inc. has developed a suite of proprietary, fundamental technologies.

Their hardware and software inventions enable the practical deployment of MSRs. Their MSR’s respond intelligently to dynamic environments while accomplishing useful tasks such as automated patrolling, remote care giving, etc.

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