SEDONA, Ariz. — On 7.7.07, Vice President Al Gore and LIVE EARTH musicians, whom some call “Modern Day Shaman,” may be playing the biggest roles of their lives, along with traditional Shaman (Indigenous Elders). Together they may be inspiring half of our Earth Family – 3 billion – to lift the vibration of Earth through joyous song, prayer and ceremonies. Shaman help unite heaven and earth for society, according to Olympic skier Suzy “Chapstick” Chaffee, co-chairman of Native Voices Foundation (NVF), which orchestrates Elders-led World Prayers.

“Bless the hearts of VP Gore, Avaaz, SOS, and Shaman for inspiring two billion Earth Citizens to do right for Mother Earth and her children. Added to NVF’s billion participating in our Elders-led World Prayers and Ceremonies (See, this is an opportunity to create a synchronized opening of hearts by simply focusing on love for each other and Earth,” said scientist Sperry Andrews. Founder of the Human Connection Institute, Andrews connects the 100 million Oneness Network of quantum physicists, Indian avatars, Oneness University.

“777 is a monumental opportunity for our Earth Family to come together, thanks to round the clock TV coverage that exceeds any War coverage. Something to celebrate,” said Jan Roberts, U.N. Sustainability Education Committee and President of Earth Charter U.S., whose 2,500 organizations support the Elders-led Prayers.

“More are seeking guidance during these uncertain times from the Spirit World, like our Indigenous ancestors. Half of humanity was Indigenous in 1850, before the oil boom reduced them to 5%. Half of humanity is again honoring Earth on 777, a good sign,” said Bob Gough, Secretary of Native Wind/Intertribal Coup, a Native American Olympic Sponsor. Winner of a World Clean Energy Oscar(R) last week, their Carbon Offsets program is supported by VP Gore, more good signs.

The Patron Saint of Animals and Ecology who lived in harmony with Nature like an Indigenous Elder, and joyfully sang everywhere he went, is perhaps the most revered Saint/Ascended Master by mainstream and Native cultures.

    “Starting on 777, visualize Mother Earth is the heartbeat of the universe, as your planet is the melting pot of the stars. First align your body, mind and spirit to come into Oneness with self and your true power. If your intent is to spread love, peace and joy, (like Shaman), you may feel a part of an ecstatic heart-opening of humanity and Oneness (like a Rock Concert from heaven!), which creates a healing love ripple permeating Earth and then the Cosmos.

    Take advantage of that opportunity on 777. Direct energy where it is environmentally needed. Humanity has been quite careless, has overpopulated, and is in need of alternative energies. Those who have been squelching technology invented to help humanity are going to see the Light.”

Other messages suggest we purify our drinking water and oceans for whales and dolphins (and food supply), who are exhausted lifting the planet to a healthy vibration by simply switching to natural cleaners. It also cuts cancer and global warming almost in half. (

“Since they say our every thought affects Earth’s vibe, we should kick start our ‘Mission Ignition’ and join a Live Earth Party and Prayer group (ideally led by a Shaman…) at a high vibrational place in Nature (water, mountains…). Together on 777, we can transform any fear into unconditional love of self and each other, turning our LIVE Earth into a flowering Mecca,” said Chaffee.

Native Voices Foundation ( is a Colorado 502(c)3 non-profit partnership of U.S. Tribal leaders, Elders and Olympians, to “create joyful unity through sports to help heal Earth for all our children.”

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