HOUSTON, Texas — Like true love, a diamond is forever, and online boutique offers a specialized round brilliant that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. “Hearts & Arrows” diamonds are cut so precisely that facet reflections overlap; creating distinct heart and arrow patterns when seen through a special viewer.’s signature line is “A Cut Above;” an elite brand of conflict-free diamonds that has been called the world’s most visually balanced. Images of hearts and arrows, Cupid and the eternal symbolism of diamonds combine to make these dazzlers from an ideal gift on the year’s most romantic holiday.

The round diamond has existed for hundreds of years, but the hearts & arrows level of precision has been possible for less than 20. The techniques were first developed in Japan and arrived in America in the 1990s. “A Cut Above” was the first branded hearts & arrows diamond sold exclusively on the internet and remains the only diamond with a guarantee of true optical symmetry.

Hearts and Arrows DiamondThe creation of an “A Cut Above” diamond begins with selection of premium diamond rough. For the hearts and arrows pattern to appear every one of the 57 facets must be perfectly cut and polished by skilled craftsmen. When all of these tiny mirrors are precisely aligned the result is a diamond unmatched in brilliance and sparkle. If any detail falls outside of’s tight tolerances the diamond will not be branded “A Cut Above.”

Online shoppers require the highest level of pedigree and guarantees and doesn’t fall short in this area. Along with the ringing American Gem Society endorsement, extends a no-questions asked inspection period and gives buyers a unique lifetime trade-up option allowing future diamond selections with full credit for your trade. Seeking a setting? Hailed as “Lord of the Online Rings” by Kiplinger’s, is known for premier custom jewelry creations as well ( So if you’re thinking of giving your heart away this Valentine’s Day, you may want to consider giving the eternal hearts & arrows perfectly polished into “A Cut Above” diamonds from

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