MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — As the host for several hundred dedicated servers for customers from all over the world, Datarealm Internet Services, Inc. is proud to offer new and existing customers quality services at budget prices.

“We have completely overhauled our servers,” Andrew Auderieth, President and founder, said, “and are offering some of the best price/performance ratios in the industry. We are also pleased to announce the opening of our second Tier 1 datacenter.”

In 1995, three University of Pennsylvania students found a niche in the market and Datarealm was born. The company was based on the emergence of an operating system called “Linux” that provided them with a secure, and reliable operating system at virtually no cost.

Today, Datarealm offers an array of hosting services to their clients and helps them to save money while enjoying one of the finest network connections available. In addition, knowledgeable support staff will work with clients to ensure their service is running smoothly.

“Our company’s small size enables us to deliver intensive customer service in a timely manner,” Auderieth explained.

Datarealm is comprised of a crackerjack team of nine industry experts. Every account representative has at least five years experience in the hosting business, and is a capable server administrator.

“We have servers to fit almost every dedicated hosting situation and budget, and our second datacenter has enormous capacity for growth,” Auderieth said.
The “CeleronD Series” starts at only $64/month and utilizes some of the latest server technologies such as Intel’s latest line of central processors and new ultra-fast Serial ATA hard drives.

“Don’t be afraid to make the leap from shared to dedicated hosting,” Auderieth said. “With free 24-hour support and no setup fees, we ease the transition for you.”

In addition, Datarealm offers advanced monitoring services and complete server management that takes the technical grunt work off away from their clients so they can focus more energy on their business.

“Going forward, we are planning to expand and improve the services that we offer,” Andrew Auderieth, President and founder, said. “As long as we can keep our current customers happy, we’ve done our job. We will never be the largest hosting company, but we may very well be the best.”

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