PAHRUMP, Nev. — A device from JBL Innovations called the Wallmarker may be the answer for couples who cannot hang pictures for holiday decorating without arguing or calling a handyman. For couples who are not handy, just hanging a picture may require help from a handyman. Not anymore. A new, inexpensive product called The Wallmarker makes it easy for anyone to hang pictures straight every time. The hardest part about hanging a picture is figuring out where to hammer the nail. And the Wallmarker, a tool from inventor Jeff Lombardo, makes it easy to figure that out. “WallMarker almost makes it fun to hang a picture,” says Lombardo.

easy decoratingRebecca Smith from Arkansas was filled with angst because she and her husband were about to re-hang pictures. Work around the house did not come naturally for either of them. Then she found the Wallmarker. “This could be a marriage-saver,” she says.

The WallMarker is a piece of chalk shaped like an arrow that has adhesive on one side. It sticks to the back of the picture at the center, to allow the picture to be positioned and eyeballed. When the position is right, the picture can be pushed against the wall to create a chalk mark. That’s the spot where the nail goes. And the job’s done.

The WallMarker eliminates the need for meticulous measuring and guesswork while hanging pictures. “If you make a mistake the chalk will easily wipe off the wall and there are no holes to hide,” says Lombardo.

The WallMarker can be used over and over.

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About Wallmarker: The WallMarker is a piece of chalk shaped like an arrow that has an adhesive side designed to make hanging a picture. Pictures can be easily eyeballed and marked without the need for measuring or multiple nail holes.

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