NORCROSS, Ga. — Hong Video Technology, Inc. (HVT) is pleased to announce the completion of its expanded and renovated electronics display repair facility, including construction of a large darkroom that more than triples its capacity for alignment and testing of digital light processing (DLP) light engines.

During the second half of 2006, HVT experienced a 500% increase in the number of DLP light engines it refurbished. The increase is due in part to a maturing market for HDTV, which uses digital light engines as the primary light source in DLP displays.

The increased volume also stems from a sharp rise in the number of manufacturers and OEMs that have chosen to repair and recycle defective displays, rather than dispose of them. HVT currently repairs five of the six most popular DLP light engines used for DLP televisions.

“The U.S. electronics industry on the whole is becoming more sensitive to environmental concerns, forced somewhat by the compliance requirements set by the European Union and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. But what’s really great about this is that what’s good for the environment also costs less for manufacturers and ultimately consumers,” advises Chris Fabian, a Consumer Electronics consultant for HVT.

In addition to a darkroom dedicated to DLP light engine repair, HVT’s newly renovated facility includes 14,000 square feet of climate- and ESD-controlled production area and a 1700 sq. ft. class 10,000 clean room. For certain DLP light engine repairs that require an ultra-clean environment, HVT technicians use class 100 workstations.

“We are about quality and leading the electronic display repair industry,” says HVT president George Hong. “With the renovated facility, we have the capacity, knowledge and resources to continue to advance our capabilities and consistently meet or exceed customer requirements.”

About Hong Video Technology, Inc. (HVT)
HVT is the leading outsource supplier of DLP light engine repair and recycling in the United States. HVT also provides custom solutions for LCD panels and newer electronic display technologies. Customers include manufacturers, OEMs and dealers in the consumer electronics, retail, gaming, auto, marine, computer and other industries.

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