CHICAGO, Ill. — iExplore ( announced today the list of Top Ten World Travel Destinations as determined by the vacation purchases of its adventure and experiential travelers. Egypt held on to its top position, despite the increased turmoil in the Middle East in 2006. Antarctica and Argentina made their first appearance in iExplore’s top ten.

iExplore founder and CEO, George Deeb, said “Other than Antarctica jumping to our #2 position, no real surprises in 2006.” Deeb continued, “The American traveler continues to look for perceived safe travel destinations in a post 9/11/01 world, and it looks like it was Antarctica’s turn in 2006, partially benefited by increased exposure in big films like March of the Penguins and Happy Feet.”

iExploreOther destinations showing strong growth in 2006 included Costa Rica (#11) and Japan (#13). Bumped from last year’s top ten were the Galapagos Islands (#12), New Zealand (#17) and France (#43). Europe continues to suffer given the falling value of the U.S. Dollar, as compared to the Euro, making trips much more expensive to American travelers.

Top Ranked Locations for 2006

2006 Rank 		2005 Rank
1	EGYPT		1
4	PERU		2
5	CHINA		4
7	INDIA		5
9	ITALY		8

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