GREENVILLE, S.C. — Hurricane season is fast approaching and, a 20-year old insurance training school, is at the ready to provide practical, adjuster-training classes that will help save property owners thousands of dollars in unpaid damage costs.

Hurricane season is a busy time for insurance adjusters and not all adjusters are armed with the most practical information; this can cause property owners unpaid losses. has introduced a practical, hands-on training class that prepares inexperienced adjusters to do their job right the first time.

During an active storm season, adjusters have the ability to make up to $90,000 or more and many of these adjusters, with license in hand, sign up to adjust losses with little or no practical experience or training. The result is property owners who do not get indemnified completely for their losses.

JEL continuing education “As a result,” Linda Gold, JELCE’s Program Coordinator said, “the property owner will need to seek supplemental claims though their insurer and if recovery is still not satisfactory, legal action may be necessary. This costs the insurance company more money than if the estimate was done right the first time. And, these higher costs equal higher premiums.”

The course was added to the portfolio after the company learned about the many untrained adjusters that were submitting claims for unsuspecting property owners after Hurricane Katrina.

“We found a gaping hole in practical education and developed a comprehensive course to fill that gap,” Gold explained.

The six-day practical adjuster training class arms adjusters with the knowledge needed to write accurate and complete estimates. Students will learn policy and construction basics in the classroom and will also receive hands-on training when they go on site to a mock disaster claim and learn to scope the damages – investigate, document and take pictures.

These scopes are then used to teach adjusters how to build estimates using industry standard software – Xactimate.

A former student, with no experience, visited New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and explains that if she had taken this class first, she would have saved herself, as well as homeowners, thousands of dollars.

Practically-trained and well-educated adjusters are vital to property owners and insurance companies and has a mission to meet that goal.

JELCE provides training to over 50,000 professionals in 12 states. Classes are offered monthly in St. Petersburg, FL and Atlanta, alternately. For more detailed information, visit: and follow the links to “Become an Adjuster,” or call 1-800-834-8975.

To schedule an interview, call John or Linda Gold at 864-235-7002.

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