Hi-Def DVD Holiday Shopping with Certainty: The Newly Released Easy-to-Understand Guide

GLENDALE, Calif. — This holiday season, there is good news for millions of consumers looking to make the right buying decisions for Hi-Definition DVD. As holiday shoppers prepare to spend an estimated $13.5 billion on audio/video products, Intellikey Labs, a highly recognized leader in Hi-Definition Quality Assurance, releases their first-ever Hi-Definition DVD Buyer’s Guide. This how-to guide, entitled “Consumer Guide to Getting More Out Of Your Hi-Def Purchase: Blu-ray and HD DVD,” outlines the basic options, identifies the top-ranked Hi-Def DVD players, answers the question of Blu-ray vs. HD DVD, explains what is the most important to Hi-Def DVD buyers, shares much-needed tips on the three main points to consider when purchasing an HDTV display, discusses common Hi-Def audio options, and much more.

HD DVD Buyer Guide“With Hi-Def DVD products at the top of many holiday shopping lists, we wanted to help simplify the rapidly evolving choices that Hi-Def offers,” said Lauren Evers, co-founder and President/CEO of Intellikey Labs. “Our consumer-friendly Hi-Def shopping guide strives to alleviate the guesswork involved when making a purchase in the highly technical world of Hi-Def DVD products. Our guide is designed to offer shoppers an easier way to make Hi-Def shopping decisions and ultimately, a much more satisfying experience with their Hi-Def DVD purchases.”

“Consumer Guide to Getting More Out Of Your Hi-Def Purchase: Blu-ray and HD DVD” can help ease the burden of holiday shopping with quick and easy identification of the highest ranked Hi-Def DVD products. As the slow adoption of Hi-Definition DVD continues for the second holiday season in a row, there is a big concern that consumers are still unfamiliar with the concept of Hi-Definition and hesitant to make a purchase. In 2006 alone, consumer product returns in the U.S. reached $100 billion – mostly due to increasingly complex technical consumer products without a clear explanation of which products best suit their needs (*NOTE 1).

Intellikey Labs’ Quality Assurance testing is known in the Hi-Def industry as the most accurate and most reliable. Intellikey ensures that Hi-Def and digital content products have every opportunity to perform at their highest capacity, while being committed to the education of consumers to ensure they gain the most enjoyment out of their Hi-Def DVD purchases.

“When deciding to buy a Hi-Def DVD product, consumers should be armed with the necessary market insight to make the right decision. Their Hi-Def purchases should bring them as much satisfaction as they expect-and more!” added Evers.

The first-ever Intellikey Labs’ “Consumer Guide to Getting More Out Of Your Hi-Def Purchase: Blu-ray and HD DVD” hopes to ensure that buyers make educated purchases this holiday season, and that this clear and simple guide helps bring more consumers enjoyment in using Hi-Definition DVD.

“Consumer Guide to Getting More Out Of Your Hi-Def Purchase: Blu-ray and HD DVD” is available to consumers at no cost, and can be requested by sending an e-mail to:

About Intellikey Labs
Intellikey Labs’ Signature Testing(TM) is known in the industry as the best quality assurance available to insure that content looks, sounds and operates as intended. Intellikey is committed to finding problems before consumers do. Intellikey ensures that digital content and performance is at its best and is committed to educating consumers on the audio/video products available in the market best suited for their needs before making a purchase.

Intellikey Labs provides independent quality assurance testing for optical media and downloadable content. The Lab offers testing for DVD, optical media formats, Hi-Definition testing, for both domestic and international regions and territories. A unique and proprietary AMP(TM) rating system that assigns a percentage of risk to issues uncovered during testing on the Intellikey NTSC 1 player matrix is widely considered the definitive testing resource for DVD compatibility. The AMP(TM) rating system is currently being developed for the Blu-ray and HD-DVD player formats.

Intellikey Labs has clients in global entertainment, media, hardware manufacturing, application development, software and publishing. Intellikey is renowned for expertise in quality assurance testing of optical media, downloadable and streamed media, HD-DVD and BD-DVD, content on a wide range of platforms and devices including ROM, website, portable media players, computers and copy protection and new media testing.

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1 Smith Podcast – Dr. Gil Souza, Assistant Professor of Operations Management at the University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business

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