PAHRUMP, Nev. — Hanging pictures can cause headaches and if not done properly can cause unsightly holes and misaligned lines. No worries. JBL Innovations has designed a piece of hardware – the Wallmarker – that makes it easy for anyone to hang pictures without the use of a tape measure; no assembly required. The Wallmarker, a patented product, will save time and money. It is designed to make it easy to hang pictures precisely without having to measure or put multiple holes in the wall. It can also be used multiple times.

“Get it right the first time, quickly, easily, and exactly,” Jeff Lombardo, owner of JBL Innovations, explains. So, how does it work? There are two different colored wall markers to choose from – blue or yellow. They are comprised of chalk and come in the shape of an arrow. Blue is for light-colored walls and yellow is for dark-colored walls.

The WallmarkerEasy “how-to” instructions will walk users through the process. Users will have the ability to position their picture in its precise location. Once the location has been identified, the picture is pushed into the wall and a distinct point is made. The chalk mark signals the point where the nail goes; the Wallmarker is removed and the picture is hung.

Barbara of Las Vegas was thrilled with the product. “I needed to hang three pictures of the same size in a straight horizontal line above my headboard,” she says. “Using the Wallmarker, I was able to hang all three pictures perfectly straight across in no time without the extra holes in the wall and did not need a tape measure to do it.”

Another woman happily revealed, “Now, I can retire my husband.”

For more information, visit:; or call: 888-234-6701.

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