BIRMINGHAM, Ala. /eNewsChannels/ — Personal (Business) Advisors, LLC – a San Antonio based organization dedicated to moving the underutilized talents of highly skilled senior corporate executives to small business – has opened a Master Office in Hoover, Alabama. The company helps senior executives who have become underemployed or unemployed in the recession to find six figure income opportunities in six types of entrepreneurial businesses. And PBA does so at NO CHARGE to the executive.

“Our main focus,” says master office owner Larry Barton, (no not THAT Larry Barton), who has over 30 years experience in franchising, business brokerage, and real estate brokerage, “is to get the huge pool of underutilized executive talent in this country back to creating security for their families, and jobs for Americans.” Small business is widely acknowledged to be the driver of the American economy.

“Our research shows that the underemployment/unemployment rate for senior executives who have been serving in Director, VP, and C-level jobs is far higher than the rate for the general population, due to downsizing, off-shoring, corporate mergers, and forced early retirements. This is especially true for executives over 45, who are finding that it takes as long as three years to find a position comparable to their last one, and the new job lasts, on the average, about 30 months.”

“We know that 86% of these executives would like to own a business of their own, but most are fixed on their current industries, which are often mature, and cost prohibitive,” says Barton. “We specialize in finding fits that utilize an executive’s skill sets, hobbies, interests, geographic location preferences, and investment capabilities. And yes, we have many opportunities that can easily break even, or provide substantial income, in year one, don’t require large brick and mortar investments, and will fit. We estimate that we have as many as 250 probable fits per executive we work with. When you compare that with the average application rate for most executive openings in standard J O B’s, at over a hundred applicants for each available position, you can see why we’re successful.”

Combine that with the fact that many of PBA’s opportunities are in emerging industries, like alternative energy, business coaching, small business financing, and you get lots of interest.

Research also tells us that most executives don’t really have a clue about opportunities that are available, and how they fit their family’s specific needs. Many look at franchise opportunities, but find that there are thousands, and the research necessary to investigate even a small number is daunting. When PBA brings a franchise opportunity, it’s prescreened for that candidate. Most other opportunities that PBA has identified, beyond franchises, aren’t even on the Candidate’s roadmap.

PBA has done extensive research, and built a stable of business opportunities which offer growth, even in this economy. Turnaround and fast growth experts are often placed in “hybrid” opportunities which require experience as a CEO, COO, CFO, CTO or CIO in companies which offer six figure salary and benefit packages, with firm employment contracts, but require the executive to make an investment in the company, in return for an equity interest. If he performs, his return is far out of proportion to his investment, and he participates in the value improvement.

Personal (Business) Advisors, LLC has also developed a range of opportunities in licensing, distribution, marketing, franchising, and resale of proven existing businesses. PBA is set apart from “franchise brokers” and “business brokers,” in that PBA represents the Candidate, not the company being presented to him. Like the buyer’s agent in a real estate transaction, PBA is paid by the acquiring company, not by the candidate. In addition, the range of business types goes far beyond franchises and resale businesses.

The advisor coaches the Candidate through selective exploration of opportunities specifically matched to the candidate, by PBA’s research division, tailored to the resume and the skills and interests of the candidate.

“PBA Advisors act as coaches, and matchmakers,” says Barton. “There is no high pressure closing. We are not salesmen. We only present possible fits to a candidate in three way conference calls with a PBA corporate partner, assigned to present research’s findings. Research refines those matches, based on feedback from the candidate as he does his due diligence, until a perfect fit is found.”

“I love the Personal Business Advisors concept,” says Barton. “It’s designed to be a win-win for the candidate and his or her family, the business we help him join, AND, it’s a win for the economy, since these folks are getting into businesses which provide jobs in relevant, growing industries for their neighbors, and help to rebuild the economy.”

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