LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Libreria Martinez, the landmark Latino bookstore in Santa Ana, California will host a book signing for a limited-run edition of the controversial new novel, “America Libre” (ISBN: 0-595-42606-9) on Tuesday, October 9th at 7:00 p.m. After five months as a self-published edition, “America Libre,” by Raul Ramos y Sanchez, was acquired by Grand Central Publishing (formerly Warner Books) and the U.S.’s fifth-largest publisher plans to release a revised version of the novel. The original edition will be discontinued December 31, 2007.

“America Libre” imagines a nightmarish, not-too-distant future when tensions between Hispanic separatists and Anglo supremacists ignite an ethnic conflict that leads to an armed insurrection seeking to redraw the borders of the United States. The author sees the apocalyptic story as a wake-up call to the dangers of bigotry and extremism in a growing ethnic gulf.

“I think this is an opportunity to pick up a collector’s item,” says Rueben Martinez, owner of the bookstore and a MacArthur genius grant recipient. ‘America Libre’ has made quite a splash in a very short period of time. The book has an excellent chance to become a best seller and this limited edition of the title might gain in value.”

Libreria Martinez is located at 1110 N. Main Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701 – Phone: (714)-793-7900. Website:

Entertainment and complimentary refreshments will be available during the book signing.

More information about America Libre and its author is available at or by calling Scott Willis at 504-952-5790.

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