KIRKLAND, Wash. — While many U.S. companies cut back, one is growing rapidly and plans to keep on doing so, thank you, through 2009 and beyond. It’s LTC Financial Partners, LLC (LTCFP), a leading agency specializing in long term care insurance. In 2008 Inc. magazine ranked LTCFP No. 1,353 among all companies, and No. 12 in the insurance category, in its annual ranking of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies in the nation. Among insurance agencies, LTCFP is the fastest-growing one focusing exclusively on long term care insurance education and sales.

What accounts for LTCFP’s success? “One key is the prospect of ownership,” says Craig Smith, President. “Agents who perform well are made Partner, which brings them shares in the organization.” That means not just status, but a possible yearly dividend. “It’s a whole new revenue stream — ongoing income beyond their renewal commissions.”

In 2007 and 2008, the first two years dividends were paid, the Partners fared well. For example, Todd Grove of Maine received dividend checks of $11,577 and $13,233 for the two years; Gene Cutler of New York, $14,435 and $16,813. “We expect the amounts to grow substantially in the years ahead,” says Smith. “This is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Top performance in LTCFP reflects policy sales as well as assistance to other agents and public service in the partnership’s trademarked LTC Outreach and Education Program (LTCOEP(TM)).

In less than six years since its founding, LTCFP has grown to more than 500 agents. Of these, 82 have so far made Partner:

Anmuth, Shela		Apostolides, Steve	Ashley, Mike
Baran, Pattianne	Bargfrede, Bill		Bayer, Marybeth
Brefere, Steve		Bressler, Kevin		Charno, Jay
Christensen, Deb	Croll, Rich		Cullen, John
Cutler, Gene		Dare, Debbie		Davis, Shawn
Dubois, Melissa		Fenton, Jeanne		Flanagan, Cathy
Foss, Steve		Francia, Lee		Gilbert, Penny
Gilmour, Tom		Golfin, Larry		Gott, Denise
Gottlieb, Howard	Gould, Nancy		Grove, Todd
Guilin, Rhonda		Hanson, Barbara		Harris, Cindy
Heinert, Larry		Herman, Andrew		Herman, Rich
Hoeschel, Andre		Holland, Bill		Horowitz, Curt
Horowitz, Rich		Kapfhammer, Shelly	Khemis, Christine
Kintz, Ginny		Kitchin, Bill		Krieger, Sharon
Landau, Rich		Lenihan, Susan		Levine, Rich
Levy, Jerry		Loesch, Pamela		MacMillan, Susan
Martin, Stana		Marx, Gary		McClellan, Bob
McRae, Margie		Melnikoff, Gary		Merritt, Ken
Napel, Jeff		Nettles, Kay		Ocilka, Mike
O'Neill, Patricia	Pascale, Gary		Perloe, Ross
Perry, James		Pollock, Amy		Ragborg, Jennifer
Rauser, Debbie		Rinehart, Wendy		Rinehart, Zachary
Robinson, Michael	Schaefer, Rosanne	Shields, Philip
Soslow, Ted		Sotirion, Linda		Stanley, Sandra
Steeves, Diane		Steichen, Mary		Stewart, Jimmy
Taylor, Paula		Vaira, Linda		Varenchik-Martz, Sue
Wardell, Mark		Warner, Tod		Weber, Laura
Wynn, Valerie

In 2009, LTCFP plans to add 300 to 500 new agents, bringing the total to more than 800. They’ll all be eligible for Partnership. “If they work hard and do well, they can make it in a single year,” says Smith. Information on joining LTCFP is available at .

In honoring LTCFP, Inc. magazine noted the firm’s 280.9-percent growth over a 3-year period. “Not every insurance company is doing well,” says Smith. “We insist on thinking positively and rewarding bullish behavior.”

Send2Press(R) is the originating wire service for this story, Copr. 2009.
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