DETROIT, Mich. — Long Term Care Resources (LTCR), the national leader in marketing LTC insurance through affinity groups and employers, and Dick Carr and Associates have partnered to bring Long-Term Care insurance benefits to members of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International.

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International is a professional honor society of women educators. The society promotes personal and professional growth of its members and excellence in education.

Leveraging the buying power of the Delta Kappa Gamma’s 100,000+ members, LTCR has negotiated with top carriers in the marketplace to offer exclusive discounts to members and their families. The Delta Kappa Gamma program will offer a choice of carriers, ensuring that each member has a variety options to select a plan to suit her individual needs.

Long Term Care Resources “We are pleased to offer this valuable Long-Term Care program to Society members,” said Dick Carr. “Delta Kappa Gamma members have worked hard as educators. It is important to us to offer this long-term care program which can help manage the financial risks should they someday need care.”

Dr. Barbara Day, Delta Kappa Gamma International President, said, “Our partnership with LTCR is ideal for our members because it allows for an educational process, a choice of carriers and special member-only discounts. We believe in education, in choices and the best price we can find.”

The LTCR nationwide delivery system ensures that each Delta Kappa Gamma member is handled on a local, personalized level. Each member is educated about the cost of care in her local area, and individual needs are addressed to determine if Long-Term Care insurance is appropriate for her circumstances.

“We want each member to understand the risks with LTC and have her questions answered so she is comfortable with her planning decisions,” said Rick Leonard, president of LTCR. “We explain The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International program and its discounts, then help each member tailor it to her personal needs.”

LTCR has over 3,000 agents throughout the country and over 400 top-tier LTC specialists dedicated to affinity programs such as The Delta Kappa Gamma. Affinity groups, human resources brokers or employers interested in offering a customized LTC program may call 1-888-822-6841 for more information.

LTCR works with over 100 affinity groups including alumni, professional, and fraternal organizations. LTC Specialists interested in participating in these programs should contact LTCR at 800-298-9208.

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