LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Big box stores make it difficult for shoppers to find products made close to home. However, lists hundreds of products, all American made, that promise to make gift giving easy, safe and fun.

Lately, there has been an increased interest in safety and products. According to the Wall Street Journal, 45 million toys have been recalled this year and others are likely to be added to the list. They may not only include toys, but clothing material and food as well.

Todd Lipscomb“I started the web site because I know that, if given the choice, people living in the U.S. have a desire to buy American-made products that promise to be safe, and to stand the test of time,” Todd Lipscomb, president and founder of MadeinUSAForever said. “And, the only way to be certain that products are safe is to buy from countries that abide by normal safety product laws.”

So, why should people buy American this holiday season? The reasons are plentiful, but some of the more important ones include: a disappearing manufacturing ability; foreign labor standards that allow unsafe worker conditions; U.S. manufacturing processes are better for the environment than many other countries; and worker wage exploitation.

MadeinUSAForever offers hundreds of products in an array of categories that include: toys, men’s, women’s and children’s clothing; home accessories, and more.

American companies such as Ion Actif, Texas Jeans, Bedhead Pajamas, Union Made, King Louie, A.S. Tee, Amana Woolen Mill, Maple Landmark Toys, Bamboosa, Andrew Rohan, Wickers, City Lights, Madcapz, Horse Spirity Hat, Not Rational, Aude, Denium of Virtue, and her look, have made it possible for to provide quality and safe products to their customers.

“It’s not just about selling products,” Lipscomb added, “it’s about creating a consumer culture that is focused on important issues such as foreign trade, our shrinking manufacturing ability, and product safety issues.”

So, people have to question if a cheap product usurps these global issues. If the answer is no, is a good place to begin addressing the bigger picture.

This holiday season, is offering a free logo t-shirt, valued at $12, with every order.

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