YARDLEY, Pa. — After engagement, retention is the top talent management concern in today’s global economy, according to the Human Capital Institute. That’s why companies like Moby Lube – an on-site, mobile oil changing business – are growing and thriving in today’s economic climate. Moby Lube offers a unique benefit for employee cars and trucks that costs companies nothing, but saves employees time and hassle.

Moby Lube
Kellie Zollers, vice president, human resources, Toll Brothers, Inc., says, “Offering our employees a ‘convenience benefit’ like Moby Lube, which keeps them happy and productive, was a no-brainer. The Moby Lube system is surprisingly easy to implement. I simply announced a date to all of our employees, and Moby Lube did the rest.”

“It’s really a win-win,” Rick Lyons, director of operations for Moby Lube, says. “A convenience benefit is a great way to show employees you care, without affecting your bottom line.”

And Moby Lube is able handle more than just oil changes. It offers preventive maintenance too. For example, while a Moby Lube technician was servicing a group at a corporate business park, the technician noticed a woman’s brakes were in need of repair. The next month when Moby Lube returned, this same woman also scheduled a brake replacement. She never had to leave her desk. She was happy and so was her employer.

So, while perks such as movie tickets and flexible hours are nice, this mobile oil changing service is a benefit that really saves people time – something that no one ever seems to have enough of these days – and money. How? When multiple employees sign up, Moby Lube offers discounted prices.

About Moby Lube:

Founded in 2010, Moby Lube is fully licensed and insured. It services offices and company parking lots, plus fleets of vehicles such as large diesels and construction equipment. It is currently expanding services in Bucks County and Montgomery County, Pa., as well as Central and Southern New Jersey.

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